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National Highlights 5-14-2021

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Grindr app (copyright MARTIN BUREAU) (National)
Grindr app (copyright MARTIN BUREAU) (National)

MSN reported on May 6 that authorities in Atlanta have warned that Grindr is being used to target gay and bisexual men for robbery. Eight men have been robbed after being lured into remote locations using the app, with the suspect taking items ranging from wallets to vehicles. The robberies reportedly seemed like "normal dates" at first, and have mostly taken place in northwest Atlanta. Police believe one suspect is responsible.

Philadelphia Gay Newsreported on May 3 that a federal judge appointed by the Trump Administration has denied an HIV-positive gay man anonymity in a case over wrongful termination. The man claims he was fired from his job in the U.S. Postal Service due to his sexuality and HIV-positive status, and his motion for anonymity cites numerous, recent cases of violence against LGBT people, such as the Pulse Nightclub massacre and a number of assaults in and near Philadelphia. Despite the man in question being granted anonymity in lower courts so far, Third Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas denied the request, saying "The applicant has adduced no specific facts suggesting that he in particular faces an unusual risk of harm or discrimination."