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Trans social media icon Noahfinnce brings autobiographical album tour to Seattle

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Courtesy of the artist
Courtesy of the artist

YouTuber and pop-punk musical artist Noahfinnce (born Noah Finn Adams) has set sail on his North America headlining tour, featuring opening acts such as Chase Petra, Teenage Joans, and TX2. The multi-instrumentalist's itinerary started on March 14 in Detroit, and is set to end in mid-April. This coincides with his new album that just dropped at the beginning of the month, titled Growing Up on the Internet, a reference to the artist's long-running stint as an online content creator that helped springboard his music career.

Courtesy of the artist  

The new album was produced and co-written by Stefan. Additional producers on the project include Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter of McFly, Julia Sykes, LAWRENT, Thomas Mitchener, and Arcades. Some of its songs include the title track, "Growing Up on the Internet," the anti-TERF anthem "Scumbag" (a personal favorite of the SGN team), and "3-Day Headache," which was featured on BBC Radio 1's "Tune of the Week." In the upcoming weeks, Noahfinnce is going to release a music video for "Alexithymia," which is a cut off the new record, on his YouTube channel.

When talking about the title and themes of the record, he said, "I only recently began processing the effect that growing up on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of eyes on me, has had on my development as a person." The record directly deals with this experience, and reckoning with those feelings and how it has shaped him and how it is shaping all of us.

"Human beings weren't built to perceive and compare ourselves to millions of others," he added. "We were made to pick berries and build relationships within our local communities." This sentiment speaks to central themes of the album: that the internet and information overload is creating tensions in our lives, and that authentic expressions of self can be a remedy for that.

"Scumbag" mini-review
One of the songs off the new record, "Scumbag," is a thumping, loud, and energetic track that speaks directly to TERFs (Trans-exclusionary radical feminists) in its lyrics. The song's narrator calls out people who signify progressive politics, only to in the same breath call for the dehumanization of marginalized groups. The vocal performance is very impressive and lively, complimented by distorted guitars and tinny, brash, and expressive synthesizers. At just under three minutes, the track is begging to be played over and over, and given its status as an anthem against hate, it calls for many listens both for the music and the song's never-fading relevance.

Courtesy of the artist  

The tour
Noahfinnce's tour will span North America, hitting every major area of the US. It comes to the PNW for its last leg: The Crocodile in Seattle on Sunday, April 7, and a show in Portland the night before.

Make sure to download, buy, or stream "Growing Up on the Internet," stay tuned for the new music video, and get tickets and see the show in April!