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Timberlust at The Lumber Yard: "Magical and a dream come true"

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Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

The Lumber Yard Bar, White Center's premier LGBTQIA+ bar, just debuted its newest drag show, Timberlust, on Thursday, August 31. Hosted by Sara Monet Paradisco and Seattle's newest queen, Summer Heaux, it highlights the city's talented entertainers and brings the community closer together.

The first edition was a family affair, according to Sara. The lineup of entertainers consisted of her closest friends and drag family: Mystic Minx, Jolene Granby, Jizzuhbell Johnson, Delyla Dalyte, Melody Lush Paradisco, Jessica Paradisco, and Drew Paradisco all graced the venue's stage. With all talent levels and styles of drag showcased, the entertainment was immensely fun to experience. DJ Purplelicious played incredible beats and made sure the queens' tracks played seamlessly.

White Center is strong on community, and this night was no exception. The house was packed, and it was a treat to see a handful of queens in the audience supporting their sisters, including Rita LaRue, Holli B Sinclair, and Shay Fox, each of whom had handfuls of cash for tips, and their applause was some of the loudest and most supportive.

A night of success
Nathan, the Lumber Yard's owner, seemed delighted at the turnout and stated that "it's amazing to have drag at the bar again."

This was Sara's first time hosting a show in her eight-year career. This Seattle queen is a natural on the mic, and her hosting skills made me grin and giggle at every turn. Having started doing drag at the age of 19, it had been a dream of hers to do so, and so now that has become a reality. She said that the evening was "magical and a dream come true."

Summer Heaux happens to be Sara's roommate and now drag daughter. Timberlust is the first show that she has performed in; she also contacted the bar to get it started and helped to produce it. Asked what it was like to perform at her first show, Summer said that "drag is a drug" and that it was a high she's never felt before. This budding queen added that she wants this to be a platform to help showcase local talent, both new and seasoned.

Sara Monet Paradisco — Courtesy photo  

A deeper look with Sara
After spending some additional time with Sara, I was able to better understand her drag journey and how far she's come. This particular queen originates from Utah, having moved to Seattle when she was 19. Drew Paradisco — Sara's biological brother and drag mother — took her in and showed her the ropes. COVID-19 really lit a fire under her, pushing her to take her art to the next level.

Drag has been her only source of income for the past year, and she said that it has been amazing to reach a point where she can have her own show: "I'm 27 and to have not only my brother but my drag mother there with me to start it off was perfect! With some of my drag sisters and friends, the show was a success!"

You can catch Lumber Yard's other drag shows every weekend at 9630 16th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98106. "Dolly and the DJ" takes place every Saturday at 9 p.m. The "Wood Morning" drag brunch happens every Sunday at noon.