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94th annual Academy Awards: The Power of the Dog, Belfast, and Dune expected to dominate this year's nominations

It's that time again. The 94th annual Academy Award nominations will be announced next week, on Tuesday, Feb. 8, and considering how tumultuous a cinematic year 2021 turned out to be, it's safe to say there are going to be quite a few surprises.


Jackass Forever a madcap descent into unhinged madness

It's been 12 years since director Jeff Tremaine and headliner Johnny Knoxville reassembled their team of semi-fearless nincompoops. Now, with the help of a few new — and understandably younger — members, this motley crew of adventurous morons returns.


Dopey Moonfall goofily soars into the apocalyptic unknown

Roland Emmerich's Moonfall is right up there with some of the dopiest bits of destruction porn this maestro of moronic mayhem has ever come up with.