2021 LGBTQ History Project: Pauli Murray, architect of history

An iconoclastic, socialist-leaning, gender-fluid feminist and Black civil rights activist, Murray broke barriers in every aspect of her life. And the barriers she broke, the paths she created single-handedly and single-mindedly, quite literally changed hi


2021 LGBTQ History Project: Reclaiming 41 — An activist's fight to reclaim a notorious slur used against Queer Mexicans

Growing up on the San Diego-Tijuana border, Alberto B. Mendoza was excited when some friends nicknamed him 41. That is, until his father told him what it meant.


2021 LGBTQ History Project: In the '40s and '50s, instant photography gave LGBT people a "Safe/Haven"

Cherry Grove, located on Fire Island, was a popular vacation spot for LGBT people. "Safe/Haven" chronicles the atmosphere of these lively parties, as well as intimate moments between couples.