Radio SGN

The official biweekly podcast for long-time staple of the LGBTQ+ community Seattle Gay News. Join your hosts A.V. Eichenbaum and Lindsey Anderson as they navigate the tangled world in which we live, interview members of the community, and bring you up-to-date on current events.

Episode 15: Olivia Sterne

Activist and generally interesting person Olivia Sterne is our gues this week! Also in this episode, Ash & Lindsey go over the week's events, talk their top picks for 2021, and set intentions for the new year! IT. IS. A. HOOT.

Episode 14: Kenna Lindsay

In this episode, Ash & Lindsey approach New Year's Resolutions, a cat causes trouble, and we talk about the bank! Our special guest this week is Santa Cruz-based body positive artist Kenna Lindsay.

Episode 13: James & Jamesy

In this episode, Lindsey and Ash browse our very special Holiday issue! We also talk about Kyle Rittenhouse and Milow Yiannopolos, existential ennui, and sex shops.

Out special guests this episode are Aaron Malkin and Alistair Knowles, the creative & comedic masterminds behind James & Jamesy, whose annual Christmas show O Christmas Tea hits the Neptune theater on Nov. 30!

Episode 12: Ginni Saraswati

In this episode, we chat with podcaster and radio personality Ginni Saraswati of Ginni Media. Ash and Lindsey also discuss the heavy topics on our front page and the result of Seattle's election.

Episode 11: Halloween Spooktacular 2021

A very special Halloween episode with a very special mystery guest! We discuss King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert's history, vampires, and more!

Episode 10: Tom Rasmussen

Tom Rasmussen, Seattle's first openly Gay city council member, is our guest this week. The conversation ranges from LGBTQ+ history to politics to the Seattle Freeze and beyond! Truly honored to have had him on the show. Other topics covered in this episode include the Women's Rights marches that happened in early October, schools banning Pride flags, and Washington's new plastic bag ban.

Episode 9: Jeannie Rak

In this very spooky episode, we talk werewolves, vampires, anti-Trans government officials, and PETA! Ash also sits down with Seattle musician and all-around nicer person Jeannie Rak!

Episode 8: Bruce Harrell

In this episode, Ash speaks with Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell about his campaign, his upbringing, and his plans for the SPD, among other things. Also in this episode, Hannah talks about COVID prep in schools, Lindsey's dog wins a Doggy Drag Competition, and Ash loses their mind over the profound, dystopian absurdity of a Doggy Drag Competition. It's a weird one, you guys, but it's worth a listen.

Episode 7: Matt Ashcroft

In this episode, we talk to conversion practice survivor and activist Matt Ashcroft and touch on our special Food & Travel Issue 2021! Also in this episode: Ash gets their groceries delivered, we talk about throwing it back, and a Nazi gets convicted!

Episode 6: Monica Domena

It's the finance issue, and you know what that means! We talk about the wealth gap! Also, Ash sits down with podcaster Monica Domena to talk D&D, gender, and capitalism's effect on the LGBTQ+ community. A lighthearted romp all around!

Episode 5: Moss Bosch

This week Ash went to Alaska, but not without bringing us an amazing interview with TikTok star Moss Bosch! Co-hosts Lindsey Anderson and Hannah Saunders uncover the drama surrounding Julia's, dive into the gayest #Olympics ever in Tokyo, highlight the importance of #disability representation in the media, and more!

Episode 4: Kathy Bay

In this episode, we talk about Glee, coming out, and more! Featured interview: Kathy Bay of the Washington DOH.

Episode 3: Dr. Kevin Wang

We have a delightful conversation with Dr. Kevin Wang of Swedish Medical! Other topics include - Lil Nas X, organized religion, Mercer Street Books, and Alki Beach

Episode 2: Dr. Peter Shalit

Join Ash, Hannah, and new cohost Lindsey as they discuss the latest issue of the SGN, dads, hermit crabs, and more! Interviewed in this episode: Dr. Peter Shalit Events Calendar June 26 (1pm to Dusk) - Taking B(l)ack Pride.

Episode 1: Dr. Stephaun E. Wallace

The first episode for Radio SGN! Hosts Hannah Saunders and A.V. Eichenbaum discuss bees, Trump's dreaded return, and an international LGBTQ movement. Interviewed in this episode: Dr. Stephaun E. Wallace