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Radio SGN

The official podcast for long-time staple of the LGBTQ+ community Seattle Gay News. Join us as we navigate the tangled world in which we live, interview members of the community, and bring you up-to-date on current events.

Ep. 84 Rafael Soldi
Co-hosts Benny, Lindsey, and Cameron talk about queer housing, fraud in Florida, and what qualifies as an actual Halloween costume. Lindsey interviews visual artist Rafael Soldi. Soldi's website: https://rafaelsoldi.com

Ep.83 Ian Crowley
Co-hosts Benny Loy and Lindsey Anderson share some of their favorite Halloween movies, as Spokane continues to live up to an unfortunate reputation. Lindsey interviews SGN contributing writer Ian Crowley.

Ep.82 Desmond Child
Lindsey, Benny, and Cameron are back with a lot to say about "family vloggers," and a new, groundbreaking subject for country songs. Lindsey interviews famed American songwriter and producer Desmond Child about being Queer in the music industry and much more.

Ep. 81 Gabbi Tuft
Lindsey flexes her political science muscles with a rundown of the late Diane Feinstein's legacy, in light of some more uplifting news in the U.S. Senate. Benny is adamant that their wedding will not have a certain theme. And once again, "meme god" Cameron joins the show, this time with a mix of the Halloween-y and the wholesome. Lindsey interviews influencer, fitness coach, and former WWE star Gabbi Tuft. Gabbi's Instagram / TikTok: @gabbituft

Ep. 80 Xavier Lopez
Benny and Lindsey are joined by Cameron once again to answer the important questions. Is your sense of smell an essential part of your gaydar? What is it like spending high school in the closet? And is it okay to deny your lesbian friends a sperm donation because you don't think they're ready for kids? All that along with more Gay news. Lindsey interviews Mx. Ska Seattle 2023 Xavier Lopez about the upcoming 2nd International Latinx Performance Art Festival. See details: https://everout.com/seattle/events/ote-2nd-international-latinx-performance-art-festival/e155657/

Ep. 79 Aidan Key
The SGN's annual Travel Issue is out! Hear about the adventures of SGN staff to the far corners of the world, like South Korea, California, and Portland. Our co-hosts Benny and Lindsey are also joined by the paper's talented "social media god" Cameron Martinez for the first installment of a fun new segment. Lindsey interviews author and educator Aidan Key about his upcoming book Trans Children in Today's Schools. Learn more at: https://www.genderdiversity.org

Ep. 78 Erin Hoover
A scandal in Spokane! Tree removal under cover of night! These are two separate events. Co-hosts Benny Loy and Lindsey Anderson return after a Labor Day hiatus to break down this week's Gay news. Lindsey interviews poet and professor Erin Hoover about her upcoming book No Spare People. Erin's Website: https://www.erinhooverpoet.com

Ep. 77 Patricia Quinn
Join co-hosts Lindsey Anderson and Benny Loy for musings on childhood haircuts, secret service security, back to school recommendations, and how the Biden administration could win the neurodivergent vote. Lindsey interviews founding Rocky Horror Show actress Patricia Quinn about her career and her upcoming tour of the States. Tickets for the tour: https://www.scottstander.com/rhps-magenta.html

Ep. 76 Annie Ex and Mary Hall
"Do you have a pet name? Do you ever put on your "mom voice?" Benny and Lindsey discuss all that and more, along with some wildfire safety tips, updates on the Writers Guild of America strike, and some more solemn news. Lindsey interviews local comedians Annie Ex and Mary Hall. Comedy Garden Instagram: @thecomedygarden Mary's Instagram: @killersetprod Annie's Instagram: @nucleannie

Ep. 75 Sid Seedy
It's time for SGN's annual special issue on finance! Co-hosts Lindsey and Benny talk about the nuances of the wealth gap between Queer people and their straight counterparts, and about the veterinary technician shortage, Seattle's overloaded animal shelters, and the many resources out there for struggling pet owners. Lindsey interviews local "dragabond" king Sid Seedy.

Ep. 74 Molina Molina
From pet-related PTO to a fringe movie that filled theaters with empty seats, co-hosts Benny and Lindsey talk about the latest. Lindsey interviews local comedian Molina Molina. Website: https://www.instagram.com/molinasquared/

Ep. 73 - Dion Dior Black
The drama is real! Hear stories of soccer, stray bullets, and Swiftmania from the wild weeks of co-hosts Benny and Lindsey, with updates on the Pope's stance on Trans people and the Seattle Police Department's scandal involving office decorations. Lindsey interviews local drag queen Dion Dior Black on today's drag scene, locally and nationally.

Ep. 72 - Nemesis
Are you a black cat or a golden retriever? How does birth order and gender affect childhood? Benny and Lindsey dive into relationship dynamics and sibling rivalry this week, and take another shot at DeSantis (in Minecraft?) regarding a bizarre campaign ad. Benny chats with bearded drag queen and SGN writer Nemesis about drag role models, inspiration, and the satanic panic around Pokémon.

Episode 71: Ladie Chablis
In this week's episode, Benny and Lindsey talk about the big turnout at Tacoma Pride, what it's like to cover Can Can Cabaret, Seattle's future as a climate haven, and what musical artists really speak to them. Lindsey interviews interviews local drag darling Ladie Chablis.

Episode 70: Bobby Goodwin
Co-hosts Benny and Lindsey get into the potential long-term impacts of the Supreme Court's recent ruling on anti-discrimination laws. To potentially lighten the mood, they also bring out the first installment of their dramatic readings of some of Seattle's strangest Craigslist ads. Lindsey interviews City Council District 3 candidate Bobby Goodwin on graffiti, criminal defense, and more. Bobby's Website: https://goodwinforseattle.com/

Episode 69: Kate Mageau
Lindsey returns from a wild Pride week and Benny makes their debut as the show's new co-host. Hear about the parade, the charities, Starbucks Workers United, and even more about dogs. Plus, with the latest major Supreme Court decisions, the duo is angry and broke. Lindsey interviews counselor and author Kate Mageau on her book and domestic violence in the Queer community. Website: https://www.katemageau.com/ National Domestic Violence Hotline: https://www.thehotline.org/ Inclusive Therapists: https://www.inclusivetherapists.com/

Episode 68: Valerie Bentivegna
What do poppers, M&M's, George Santos, and Bud Light all have in common? Did Lindsey's doggy drag star Patricia steal the show at Pride over the weekend? What could be this year's next big LGBTQ scandal? Find out in Ash's final farewell episode as one of the witty and sonorous co-hosts of Radio SGN. Ash interviews Valerie Bentivegna on nerdy music, biology, and NSYNC. Website: https://www.valeriebenti.com/

Episode 67: Alex Hudson
In this special Pride episode, our hosts talk about how Ash is similar to both Kamaji from Spirited Away and the Peddler from Caps for Sale. Lindsey goes over the Queer Trans Project and its Build-A-Queer care packages, and Ash reads their Letter from the Editor. Also, learn about how a Christian fundamentalist comic strip, in a way, got blown up into a transphobic film being aired nationwide.

Ash interviews City Council District 3 candidate Alex Hudson.
Website: https://www.alexforseattle.com/

Queer Trans Project: https://queertransproject.org/

Episode 66: Shobhit Agarwal
Whether your day is ruined by losing your keys or by the Human Rights Campaign declaring a state of emergency, Ash and Lindsey talk about bad days and how to turn them around. After an extended discussion about Malcolm in the Middle, listeners can join Lindsey in becoming a "baby bat" as Ash explains goth culture. The HRC's "Living as LGBTQ+ Guidebook": www.hrc.org/campaigns/national-state-of-emergency-for-lgbtq-americans
Ash interviews candidate for City Council District 3 Shobhit Agarwal on his policies. Website: https://www.voteforshobhit.com/

Episode 65: Rosette Royale
Ash and Lindsey revisit wine mom culture and organized religion this week for the first episode of the gayest month of the year. Hear the latest on a hateful pastor in Spokane and a bit more on rainbow washing at Starbucks. Ash talks with Rosette Royale about their podcast History Link.
Website: https://www.rosetteroyale.com/

Episode 64: Monica Domena
As Pride celebrations approach, Ash and Lindsey get into Ron DeSantis's run for president, Slovakia's bizarre new law about gender identity, and where they would want to move if things got worse. On the brighter side, Snohomish is holding its first Pride Fest and a few of the Queer designers ousted from Target got a lot of extra business anyway. Ash nerds out with Monica Domena about Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and their upcoming actual play podcast. Website: https://www.savethed8pod.com/

Episode 63: Phiroozeh Petigara
This week an all-American episode about bread, circuses, and death as Benny Loy returns as co-host to get into corporate rainbow washing, Target's Pride line, and the advisory board meetings at the SPD. Ash and Benny remember their mascot days, and Ash corrects a mistake from last episode for all the die-hard Grimace fans out there.
Ash interviews Phiroozeh Petigara about authenticity coaching, trauma-based yoga, and more. http://phiroozeh.com/ Instagram: @decolonizingaunty

Episode 62: Jaime Lazich
Our hosts are sun-drunk on "hot Grimace summer" this week as Ash dusts off their tome of McDonald's lore and Lindsey
recounts the lovely time she had covering the opening of Utopia Washington's Mapu Maia clinic. An invitation to write open letters goes out to the candidates for Seattle City Council District 3, and pressing questions are pondered: What is the debt ceiling? What's the deal with Joe Biden and ice cream? And why do Seattleites complain about sunny weather? Ash interviews writer, comedian, and "all around good guy" Jaime Lazich about using tarot cards for improv and more. Jaime's Instagram: @jamplesjamples Bandit Theater: @bandittheater Mapu Maia Clinic: https://utopiawa.org/mapu-maia-clinic/

Episode 61: Mia McCullough
Ash and Lindsey talk men's fashion at the Met Gala, the writers' strike in Hollywood, the hot local punk band Gender Envy, and how the Seattle Public Library is becoming an ally to Queer people nationwide. Ash interviews playwright Mia McCullough about her work's Pacific Northwest debut.

Episode 60: Isabel Sandoval
Join Ash and returning co-host Isabel Mata for a rundown of District 3 candidates for Seattle City Council, and for potential solutions to countrywide division. Our hosts both agree that Montana Rep Zooey Zephyr is hardcore. Filmmaker and TRANSlations Trailblazer Isabel Sandoval talks with Ash about her work and inspiration. Visit Isabel on Instagram @isabelvsandoval

Episode 59: Mac Scotty McGregor
This week listeners can look forward to Ash and Lindsey's updates on Capitol Hill's comedy scene, Washington State's status as a sanctuary for Trans youth, and Aubrey Plaza's tragic betrayal of oat milk lovers everywhere. Ash speaks with Mac Scotty McGregor about the meanings and importance of positive masculinity. https://www.positivemasculinitynow.org/

Episode 58: Jason June
Lindsey and Ash discuss weather-based migraines, the psychic connections between witches, and whether or not horse girls always end up in LARPs after all. Lindsey's favorite topic of the week is not conservatives' sudden hatred of Bud Light. It's a surprise for listeners to discover.
Ash and author Jason June talk about Queer joy in literature, the detrimental effects of Queer book bans, the potent metaphor of merpeople in this episode.
For more info, visit www.heyjasonjune.com.

Episode 57: Michael Eichenbaum
From anger for the state of our country to the many forms of love that keep us going, Ash and Lindsey talk through it all in this week's episode with a Book Club update and some praise for a very special comic artist.
Ash brings on anthropologist Michael Eichenbaum in for a chat about Transphobia's roots in European colonialism. TikTok: @the_human_odyssey

Episode 56: Tilly Bridges
Ash & Lindsey talk about anti-Trans legislation in neighboring Idaho, why conservatives hate TikTok, and a special softball-related announcement. Lindsey walks listeners through how to spend a Gay Day in Seattle.
This week, Ash nerds out with author, media critic, and Matrix series expert Tilly Bridges about the true meaning of the "red pill."

Episode 55: Joy Hollingsworth
Ash returns from a well-deserved vacation to find the SGN riddled with talk of big banks, climate change, Proud Boys getting punched, and Pedro Pascal. Join them and Lindsey in a deep discussion about sanctuary states for Trans people, among other things.
Seattle City Council District 3 candidate Joy Hollingsworth talks with Ash about the importance of small businesses, police forces grounded in the community, and more.
For more information, go to https://www.joyforseattle.com/

Episode 54: Benny Loy (with guest host Isabel Mata)
Ash is out of town, so Lindsey's running the show! Get ready to hear about dogs! The Last of Us! Trans rights! Advice columnist and all around fun gal Isabel Mata fills in as guest host. Author and SGN contributor Benny Loy joins the party for our interview this week.
Lindsey Hive, this one's for you.

Episode 53: Gaysha Starr
Lindsey shares a shocking twist of fate in her dog's identity and drag career, while applications for the position of Ash's Best Friend are open. The Pope comes up yet again, yet for now, the antipope remains hidden. The duo enthuses about democracy vouchers, the possibility of a third political party, and more in this episode.
Award-winning drag performer, activist, and SGN contributor Gaysha Starr tells Ash about her origins in the field, and her work for LGBTQ rights, including marriage equality in the past, and the right to perform drag in the present.

Episode 52: Andrew Ashiofu
What's up, Lindsey Hive! In this episode, Ash waxes philosophical about the pledge of allegiance, Lindsey is recovering from COVID, and the duo discuss national and local politics. And OnlyFans.
Seattle City Council District 3 candidate Andrew Ashiofu talks with Ash about his campaign policies, thoughts on policing, housing affordability, and more! https://www.andrewforseattle.com/

Episode 51: Ry Armstrong
In today's episode, Lindsey is the humblest host you've ever met in your life, Ash discusses vacation possibilities, and the duo talk shop when it comes to performing.
Seattle City Council District 3 candidate Ry Armstrong sits down with Ash to and outline their campaign goals and discuss Seattle as a haven for the future. Check out their campaign at www.ry4seattle.com

Episode 50: Diana Krishna
Ash & Lindsey discuss the New York Times controversy, surviving winter in the Emerald City, and declare the "official" bird of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Special guest Diana Krishna shares the struggles she's faced as a Trans woman in the United States, her inspiration for joining community activists, and the upcoming Miss Island Goddess Pageant with UTOPIA Washington. www.utopiawa.org

Episode 49: Isabel Mata
It's the Queer Love Issue and Lindsey and Ash are ready to chat about romance! And... Harry Potter's problematic premise! And other things!
Special guest Isabel Mata dives into Queer and straight-passing relationships, learning about one's own queerness, coming out, and what it's like being the Straightest Person Ever. She even gets Ash to open up a little. Find her at www.isabelmata.com and listen to Being Yourself Loudly wherever you get podcasts!

Episode 48: Adra Boo
Ash & Lindsey go over the candidates for Seattle's District 3 city council seat, talk local protests, and Lindsey shares some exciting news
Special guest Adra Boo talks about Zoom, being the Grand Encourager, the magic of Action Bronson, breaking the Seattle Freeze, and so much more!

Episode 47: Ben Sáenz
Ash & Lindsey try to keep it light in a tragic world. Pop Culture Corner makes its Season 3 debut and Can Can continues to dazzle. Also - Pope News!
Special guest Ben Saenz discusses writing, life, listening, and God.

Episode 46: Nate Gowdy
Lindsey gives Ash a rundown of how old they truly are and Ash does a pretty solid Randy Newman impression in this politically charged episode. The duo also discuss West Virginia's proposed ban on Trans identities in public and so much more.
Special guest and SGN alum Nate Gowdy chats with Ash about his book on the Jan. 6 Insurrection!
Check out Nate's work at www.nategowdy.com or find him on Instagram @nategowdy

Episode 45: J.T. Seaton
It's the season 3 premiere!
Ash & Lindsey talk about art and body positivity, have a frank discussion about the reinforcement of gender norms and its correlation with body image, and touch briefly on Tucker Carlson's obsession with M&Ms.
Special guest J.T. Seaton chats with Ash about Queer horror and the Queer Screams Film Festival! Follow them on IG @queerscreams or find out more at www.queerscreams.com

Episode 44: Death and Friends
In our final episode of 2022, Ash & Lindsey discuss art, art theft, Brittney Griner's return to the US, and the weaponization of Queerbating.
Special guests Angel Luna and Nash Flynn of podcast Death and Friends chat with Ash about their show, the comedy inherent in history's tragedies, and, yup! You guessed it. Death! Visit Death and Friends at www.deathandfriends.org or follow them on Instagram @deathandfriendspodcast

Episode 43: Michael Eichenbaum
Ash and Lindsey set intentions for the new year and talk about Seattle Mens' Chorus, Trumpism, and Miracle on 34th Street! Special guest Michael Eichenbaum chats with Ash about their fascination with language, infiltrating online hate groups, and garden-themed amusement parks!

Episode 42: Andrew Shanks
Ash & Lindsey start a somber episode and decide to talk about pop culture so they don't get too sad. It almost works!
Special guest Andrew Shanks talks The Ugly Radio, the void, and gives a sneak peak of what's to come!

Episode 41: Andy Iwancio
It's the Holiday Issue! Ash and Lindsey talk Christmas horror flicks, Trans history through the ages, Hallmark movies, and more! Special guest Andy Iwancio discusses the difference between a marriage and a commitment ceremony, comedy in Seattle, and the PNW EDM community.

Episode 40: Zach Hemenway
In today's Dayquil-fueled episode, Ash & Lindsey talk about the Rainbow Wave that swept Election Night, Christmas stuff, Qatar, and Lindsey tests whether or not Ash is a demon or something via a tried and true method -- Buzzfeed.
Special guest Zach Hemenway chats with Ash about being a Gay man working in a Christian church, coffee, and misconceptions. Check out Epiphany Seattle on their website https://epiphanyseattle.org/

Episode 39: Juno Men
In today's episode, Ash & Lindsey discuss the upcoming election, Patty Murray, pros and cons of cancel culture, Trisha Paytas, Lindsey's very hip grandmother, and so many other things. Special guest Juno Men joins Ash to discuss the Orange County boba scene, the Seattle comedy scene, and so much more! Don't forget to vote and eat a bag o' Dick's! This one's a hoot and a half.

Episode 38: Richard Peacock
Special guest Richard Peacock talks to us about the importance of recognizing burnout, his vision for Queer BIPOC art collective Yusephinum, and performing at a cabaret vs. in a theater. Ash & Lindsey talk about Liz Cheney's politics, bell hooks, Cuba's new marriage laws, and how Ash should probably go to therapy!

Episode 37: Haley Graves
Lindsey & Ash talk about werewolves, vampires, Queer baiting, nonbinary horror, and all sorts of spooky things! Our special guest this week is Haley Graves! Find her at http://imcalledhaleygraves.com/ and @haleygravesofficial on all social media platforms.

Episode 36: Ingrid Ulrey
Ash & Lindsey discuss future LGBTQ icon M3gan, Iran's Feminist Revolution, Velma, and book recs! This week's special guest is HHS Region 10 Director Ingrid Ulrey.

Episode 35: Guy Branum
It's the spooky season! Topics this week include witch rom-coms, Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus, the rise of fascism in Italy, and a woman going around in Seattle attacking dogs.Our special guest this week is comedian & actor Guy Branum! Check out his stuff at www.guybranum.com and don't miss his upcoming show at the Crocodile! Tickets can be found online at https://www.eventticketscenter.com/guy-branum-seattle-10-08-2022/5244692/t

Episode 34: D'Lo
Ash & Lindsey talk goblins, DnD, stereotypes, and the Little Mermaid in this week's episode! Our special guest is actor, comedian & activist D'Lo! Check him out @DLocoKid on all platforms.

Episode 33: Maggie Bloodstone
Ash & Lindsey talk about the Queen of England, the banality of evil, and other trivialities in this episode. We're basically horrible goblins the whole time and we should probably apologize. Maggie Bloodstone is our special guest this week!

Episode 32: Mike Johnson & Kyle Getz
This week Ash and Lindsey bring back the bleak to talk about MPV, Tucker Carlson, and milk! We also discuss Lindsey's dog being famous now and how sea glass is beautiful trash. Special guests this week are Kyle Getz & Mike Johnson, hosts of the Gayish Podcast! Find them at www.gayishpodcast.com

Episode 31: Dr. Umair Shah
In this episode, Ash sits down with Washington State Secretary of Health Dr. Umair Shah to discuss monkeypox prevention, stigma, and vaccination. Also in this episode, Lindsey and Ash give Rise & Grind sigma male podcasting a try, the Ren Faire is expensive, and a far right extremist is on the ballot for congress. ALSO! Izabel and Isabel are two different people! Don't get 'em confused!

Episode 30: Isabel Mata
Lindsey & Ash share their post-Pride summer shenanigans, talk SGN's summer book club, and give priceless fashion advice. This week's special guest is advice columnist and podcaster Isabel Mata! Find her at www.isabelmata.com

Episode 29: Jack Hilovsky
Lindsey and Ash talk summer fun, animal facts, labor rights, and wild nuns in this week's episode! Our special guest is Jack Hilovsky, local writer and author of the new book RJ, Farrah, and Me on shelves now. Check out his blog at https://jackhilovsky.blogspot.com/

Episode 28: Rachel Silberman
Happy (?) 4th of July! Lindsey & Ash talk about Pride, 4th of July memories, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Our special guest this week is Rachel Silberman of Luxjoy & Comfort! Check out her stuff at www.luxjoyandcomfort.com

Episode 27: Krystal Marx
We're takin' it easy this episode! Join Lindsey and Ash on a chill breakfast journey through the gayest presidents, an anniversary gone awry, some national news, and more! Special guest Krystal Marx talks inclusivity and accessibility at Pride.

Episode 26: Danielle McClelland
In this episode, Ash and Lindsey talk about Pride in the Park and Pride Asia! Our special guest is Port Townsend Film Festival's new Executive Director Danielle McClelland, who gives us a very hopeful message before Ash and Lindsey have a frank discussion about guns and gun violence. Warning: The last 25 minutes of today's show contain a very serious discussion that is not for everyone. Listener discretion is encouraged.

Episode 25: Monica Domena
In this episode, Ash and Lindsey talk about the Travel issue, the attack on bodily autonomy, and so much more! Monica Domena of Save the D8 and It Was Good Actually returns to discuss living and working in the world of COVID as a working class individual. Bleakify me, Cap'n!

Episode 24: Doc Wilson (with guest host Davis Banta)
Lindsey's out sick this week, so Ash called in a favor from an old friend to help keep it light! Get well soon, Lindsey! Our special guest is Doc Wilson of Peace Peloton.

Episode 23: Dr. Kevin Wang
This episode is full of highs and lows! Ash and Lindsey discuss Biden's visit to Seattle and the bleak reality of the ongoing climate crisis! The laughs just don't stop! Our special guest this week is Dr. Kevin Wang, returning to talk about COVID and more.

Episode 22: Dave Quantic
In this episode, Ash & Lindsey talk dogs, sports, and test out a new segment! Our special guest this week is Dave Quantic of the Fruitbowl Podcast

Episode 21: Todd Bilsborough
A lot to discuss in this week's episode! Our guest this week is philosopher and podcaster Todd Bilsborough of A Satanist Reads the Bible. We also talk about the Oscars, which hadn't happened yet. so we don't talk about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock.

Episode 20: Aleksa Manila
We have a stellar interview with Seattle drag queen/activist/superstar Aleksa Manila for you this episode! We discuss mental health, COVID's effects on the LGBTQ community, SCS, and so much more! Lindsey and Ash cover the protests taking place right here in the city. Stay tuned at the end for a moment of calm.

Episode 19: Kaio Caiazzo
Our guest this week is Brazilian independent filmmaker Kaio Caiazzo! This week, Ash & Lindsey discuss some heavy topics - gender affirmation in Texas and the Russia-Ukraine conflict - along with some much lighter conversation.

Episode 18: Alexandria Bellefleur
It's our Valentine's Day episode! Lindsey and Ash talk straight dating vs. queer dating, nonbinary Olympians, workers' rights, and more! Special guest this week is award-winning novelist Alexandria Bellefleur.

Episode 17: Tim Mulligan
Our special guest this week is playwright Tim Mulligan! In this episode, Lindsey and Ash discuss anti-vaxxers and HRT, celebrity crushes, and so much more!

Episode 16: Sole Strategies
Our guests this week are Zee Cohen-Sanchez and Amani Wells-Onyioha of political campaign company Sole Strategies! Hope you're ready to get goofy and get political because Ash and Lindsey are back for 2022 and ready to talk about capitalism, adulthood, Tupac, Seattle's mayoral updates, identities, civil war, the insurrection, Austin Powers and SO MUCH MORE!

Episode 15: Olivia Sterne
Activist and generally interesting person Olivia Sterne is our gues this week! Also in this episode, Ash & Lindsey go over the week's events, talk their top picks for 2021, and set intentions for the new year! IT. IS. A. HOOT.

Episode 14: Kenna Lindsay
In this episode, Ash & Lindsey approach New Year's Resolutions, a cat causes trouble, and we talk about the bank! Our special guest this week is Santa Cruz-based body positive artist Kenna Lindsay.

Episode 13: James & Jamesy
In this episode, Lindsey and Ash browse our very special Holiday issue! We also talk about Kyle Rittenhouse and Milo Yiannopolos, existential ennui, and sex shops.

Out special guests this episode are Aaron Malkin and Alistair Knowles, the creative & comedic masterminds behind James & Jamesy, whose annual Christmas show O Christmas Tea hits the Neptune theater on Nov. 30!

Episode 12: Ginni Saraswati
In this episode, we chat with podcaster and radio personality Ginni Saraswati of Ginni Media. Ash and Lindsey also discuss the heavy topics on our front page and the result of Seattle's election.

Episode 11: Halloween Spooktacular 2021
A very special Halloween episode with a very special mystery guest! We discuss King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert's history, vampires, and more!

Episode 10: Tom Rasmussen
Tom Rasmussen, Seattle's first openly Gay city council member, is our guest this week. The conversation ranges from LGBTQ+ history to politics to the Seattle Freeze and beyond! Truly honored to have had him on the show. Other topics covered in this episode include the Women's Rights marches that happened in early October, schools banning Pride flags, and Washington's new plastic bag ban.

Episode 9: Jeannie Rak
In this very spooky episode, we talk werewolves, vampires, anti-Trans government officials, and PETA! Ash also sits down with Seattle musician and all-around nicer person Jeannie Rak!

Episode 8: Bruce Harrell
In this episode, Ash speaks with Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell about his campaign, his upbringing, and his plans for the SPD, among other things. Also in this episode, Hannah talks about COVID prep in schools, Lindsey's dog wins a Doggy Drag Competition, and Ash loses their mind over the profound, dystopian absurdity of a Doggy Drag Competition. It's a weird one, you guys, but it's worth a listen.

Episode 7: Matt Ashcroft
In this episode, we talk to conversion practice survivor and activist Matt Ashcroft and touch on our special Food & Travel Issue 2021! Also in this episode: Ash gets their groceries delivered, we talk about throwing it back, and a Nazi gets convicted!

Episode 6: Monica Domena
It's the finance issue, and you know what that means! We talk about the wealth gap! Also, Ash sits down with podcaster Monica Domena to talk D&D, gender, and capitalism's effect on the LGBTQ+ community. A lighthearted romp all around!

Episode 5: Moss Bosch
This week Ash went to Alaska, but not without bringing us an amazing interview with TikTok star Moss Bosch! Co-hosts Lindsey Anderson and Hannah Saunders uncover the drama surrounding Julia's, dive into the gayest #Olympics ever in Tokyo, highlight the importance of #disability representation in the media, and more!

Episode 4: Kathy Bay
In this episode, we talk about Glee, coming out, and more! Featured interview: Kathy Bay of the Washington DOH. https://www.doh.wa.gov/

Episode 3: Dr. Kevin Wang
We have a delightful conversation with Dr. Kevin Wang of Swedish Medical! Other topics include - Lil Nas X, organized religion, Mercer Street Books, and Alki Beach

Episode 2: Dr. Peter Shalit
Join Ash, Hannah, and new cohost Lindsey as they discuss the latest issue of the SGN, dads, hermit crabs, and more! Interviewed in this episode: Dr. Peter Shalit Events Calendar June 26 (1pm to Dusk) - Taking B(l)ack Pride.

Episode 1: Dr. Stephaun E. Wallace
The first episode for Radio SGN! Hosts Hannah Saunders and A.V. Eichenbaum discuss bees, Trump's dreaded return, and an international LGBTQ movement. Interviewed in this episode: Dr. Stephaun E. Wallace