International News Highlights — April 1, 2022

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Activists in Hungary — Photo by Marton Monus / Reuters
Activists in Hungary — Photo by Marton Monus / Reuters

Hungary: Rights groups call for botched ballots
Reuters reported on March 28 that Hungarian human rights groups are urging voters in the country to invalidate their ballots to jam a government referendum on LGBTQ issues, which is concurrent with a national election. Its approval, LGBTQ advocates say, would make prejudice against the community worse.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's referendum addresses legislation of his party's making, which would limits schools' teaching about homosexuality and Trans issues. The referendum is considered a reaction to the European Commission's legal action against Budapest for a string of anti-LGBTQ legislation that, according to Brussels, goes against European values of tolerance and individual freedom.

"This discriminating propaganda referendum... only further strengthens the division in society and increases prejudice against LGBTQ people," said Háttér Society spokesperson Luca Dudits.

United Kingdom: Gay rights campaigner dies at 98
On March 23, the BBC reported on the tributes to Gay rights campaigner George Montague, who died at 98.

Brighton and Hove Pride expressed their sadness on Twitter, calling Montague "the oldest gay in the village... and a tireless campaigner for equality."

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell called Montague "a valiant campaigner who made his mark... I was honored to know him."
In 2016, Montague challenged the government on a 1974 conviction for "gross indecency with a man," demanding and winning both a pardon and an apology.

He was a father of three and a grandfather, and reportedly said he had no regrets.

"He died a happy man, and we can all celebrate that," said a Mr. Kemp of Brighton Pride. "Certainly at Pride this year, we will be remembering him."