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Another Milo Yiannopoulos story

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Photo by Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Photo by Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Just when you thought it was safe to read the newspaper again... it's another Milo story!

Now advertising himself as "ex-Gay" after making a career out of caricaturing gayness, Milo Yiannopoulos is going to work for QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Apparently birds of a feather do, indeed, flock together.

"Mummy always said I'd end up in government!" Yiannopoulos wrote on his social media accounts.

The caption ran alongside a photo of Yiannopoulos's House of Representatives ID sitting on a leather Louis Vuitton bag.

"I've finally been persuaded out of retirement," he added. "But my skills are a bit rusty, so the best role I could land was an unpaid internship with a friend. Pray for me!"

After a seven-year career as a far-right commentator — first for Breitbart and then as a freelance gadfly — Yiannopoulos announced last year that he had converted to the Roman Catholic Church and became "ex-Gay."

Since that obviously put an end to his "Gay that hates LGBTQ rights" gig, he resorted to hawking plaster statues of the Virgin Mary online.

But Yiannopoulos makes an odd Catholic. He has publicly attacked Pope Francis for shielding Gay clerics in the church.

Yiannopoulos aligns with the Catholic traditionalist movement, which includes Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Taylor Greene was raised Catholic but stopped attending Mass after the church's child abuse scandals went public.

Photos by Lucas Jackson / Reuters, John Bazemore / AP  

One of Taylor Greene's signature issues is the claim that Democrats lead a vast network of pedophiles and child sex traffickers.

"I could care less what 2 consenting adults do sexually, nor do I judge, but when it comes to adults training children sexually, both mentally & physically, I do care. And so do MOST people," she wrote in her social media posts just after Yiannopoulos came to work for her.

"We must protect children from child grooming predators & abusers in every way possible."

Yiannopoulos used to maintain — presumably based on his own experiences — that sexual relations between adults and minors could be consensual, and could benefit the children involved. In fact, he was reportedly fired by Breitbart after his views on pedophilia went public.

Taylor Greene, however, glossed over Yiannopoulos's prior views in a statement defending her new intern.

"So I have an intern that was raped by a priest as a young teen, was gay, has offended everyone at some point, turned his life back to Jesus and Church, and changed his life. Great story!" she said.