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Dylan Mulvaney celebrates 365 days of girlhood

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Dylan Mulvaney — Courtesy photo
Dylan Mulvaney — Courtesy photo

Over the last year, Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been documenting her transition journey on the TikTok series Days of Girlhood. Mulvaney has shared the good and bad moments of her transition with transparency, from starting hormones to taking on internet haters to facial feminization surgery.

On March 13, Mulvaney's journey is set to hit a major milestone: Day 365. In true Mulvaney fashion, the budding starlet has big plans. "I knew I wanted it to be more than just some party. Flash-forward to a team of Broadway producers meeting with me. We came up with this epic, full-on musical event with singing, an orchestra, comedy, and special guests," she shared via TikTok on February 22.

Her fans aren't surprised she's celebrating with a Broadway-style show. Earlier this year, the actor-comedian premiered her post-surgery face reveal in an elaborate Aubrey Hepburn—inspired musical number.

Performance is an important part of Mulvaney's life, and her Day 365 Live! show celebrates that. "A lot of you don't know this, but I toured in a Broadway musical before I transitioned, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate 365 days than [it] being the first time I'm on stage as a woman," she said. (The actor-comedian previously played Elder White in The Book of Mormon.)

Photo by Avery Brunkus  

Day 365 will film at NBC's Rainbow Room in New York City. Due to the small size of the venue and lingering concerns over COVID, the show will have a limited live audience. Never one to exclude, though, Mulvaney will be live-streaming the show to all timezones at 8 pm Eastern. She asks that fans purchase a ticket for $5.

"The room is so small. It will just be me, some of my loved ones, the cameras, and some Trans people. That's why we went the live-streaming route," she explained.

Fighting hatred with joy
The show will celebrate Mulvaney's transition journey while also sharing Trans joy. Despite the celebratory feeling, Mulvaney acknowledges that it has been a difficult year for Queer and Trans people everywhere.

"It feels a little odd to sit back and celebrate Trans joy when there is so much hurt and hatred in the Trans community right now. While I've taken steps forward this year, it feels like society has taken a hundred steps backward," she admitted.

Mulvaney recognizes that her constant positivity can sometimes feel detached from the realities many Trans people in America are facing. However, she believes love is her greatest weapon in facing adversity. "If we give up on Trans joy, they will win. So, I'm going to keep doing it," she said in the emotional video.

Image courtesy of @dylanmulvaney / Tiktok  

While her journey has been a positive and public display of Trans joy, Mulvaney is often the first to point out her privileges. She recognizes that many procedures she has undergone are expensive and unattainable for other Trans people. She also notes that her race plays a part in the acceptance she receives.

Now, Mulvaney is using her platform to give back. She is donating 100% of the profits for Day 365 to the Trevor Project's mission to end LGBTQ+ teen suicide. "I'm just trying to raise as much money as possible, so even if you can't make it that night, buying a ticket would help," she said. "You can watch it from anywhere in your timezone, with your family, in your pajamas, and maybe you even get a group of friends together and get dolled up. The possibilities are endless!"

While Mulvaney is preparing for the show with Broadway producers and professionals in New York City, she is staying at the Plaza Hotel, another one of her dreams come true.

While most of the show is under wraps until the big live performance, Mulvaney has revealed that she will be performing renditions of "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)" and "Part of Your World." The show will feature comedy and musical theater, with special guest celebrity appearances by Renee Rapp, Jonathan Van Ness, L. Morgan Lee, Sis, and others.

Mulvaney is also excited to share that all her backup singers and dancers are women and Nonbinary people. "I don't think I can articulate just how important it felt to have Trans and Nonbinary people and women and Queer humans sitting in a room to make this thing happen that I created in my brain," she gushed. "I felt weird going into it this morning, because there is so much hatred in this world, but it does feel like it could be a cathartic feeling of giving Trans joy. Maybe this is what we need. I'm just really happy."

Tickets to Day 365 Live! can be bought at https://www.365daysofgirlhood.com/.