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Museum of Pop Culture to host "drag-tastic" summer camp for kids

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Photo courtesy of Museum of Pop Culture
Photo courtesy of Museum of Pop Culture

Just as spring has reached us quickly, summer will arrive sooner rather than later. So now is a great time to start planning, especially if you are looking for activities for your kids and teens.

Seattleites are about to experience our few valuable months of semiconsistent sunshine and heat, not to mention that our youth will have endless free time during their summer vacation. While it may be tempting to stay home with the air-conditioning on blast and binge on screen time, the Museum of Pop Culture offers some great summer camp opportunities instead.

MoPOP is running three summer camps, and two are already sold out. "Rock 'n' Rolling Camp" and "Fantasy STEAM Explorers Camp" have filled up fast, but "Drag-tastic: The Art of Drag Camp" is still open for registration.

MoPOP's summer camp page states, "Calling all future kings and queens! Explore self-expression in MoPOP's drag-tastic summer camp! Led by Seattle performer Joshua Hancock, you'll investigate drag history and work together with local artists to create your own personas."

Photo courtesy of Museum of Pop Culture  

The camp is five days of kids choosing names, exploring hair and makeup techniques, and developing their character's stage presence, all culminating in a celebration of their newly created drag personas in a private showcase.

There are two options for scheduling, with the camp being held on July 24—28 and August 7-11. Children and teens aged 12—18 are welcome to join the fun. Tuition, if one registers before May 31, will cost $380; after that, it will be $400. A $25 discount is available to any MoPOP members registering for the camp.

Hancock has worked in theater, burlesque, and drag for 30 years. They have a master of arts from Texas Women's University in theater. Their drag persona, Deanna Parton, is based on the popular Star Trek character Commander Deanna Troi mixed with the iconic superstar Dolly Parton. Hancock uses Deanna Parton's voice to "spread love and open minds." They believe that "drag is for everyone... it is more than one thing, and can be used to heal and to bring joy, sadness, and love to people."

Hancock added, "I am so grateful for MoPOP to have the vision and trust to allow me to teach this art form to kids. I am so proud of these kids, and so grateful, because if I had something like this camp, it would have helped me to feel seen, appreciated, and loved. I am forever changed seeing the love these kids have and the need for them to have this in their lives."

Photo courtesy of Museum of Pop Culture  

This isn't Drag-tastic's first run. As a MoPOP spokesperson stated last year, "We celebrate creativity with all members of our community as a core part of our mission. Like any other arts enrichment program, we are proud to offer an opportunity for young people to use drag to explore self-expression through creating characters and performances that express and uplift their unique identities."

This summer camp is an excellent opportunity for young creatives to learn from experienced, educated performers in a supportive environment. So if you're a parent or guardian ramping up your summer planning and your child has expressed interest in exploring this art form, this summer camp is highly recommended. Please don't wait until it's sold out. Register now and give your kid a chance to learn how drag-tastic a summer camp can be.

Find out more at https://www.mopop.org/programs-plus-education/education/summer-camps/.