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Image courtesy of Netflix
Image courtesy of Netflix

JVN addresses transphobia on Dax Shepard's podcast
While appearing on Dax Shepherd's podcast, Armchair Expert, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness broke down in tears while discussing Trans rights. Shepard began the conversation with Van Ness about a range of topics but eventually moved to a debate over how liberal the New York Times actually is, based on the publication's coverage of Transgender issues.

Shepard used transphobic dog whistles in the conversation, bringing up detransitioning. The argument quickly devolved into a debate about Trans athletes, with Shepard questioning if including Trans girls in sports is fair to cis girls. The argument lasted for over 20 minutes, with Van Ness attempting to explain how the logic that Trans girls devalue women's sports is both transphobic and misogynist.

Ultimately, Shepard apologized to Van Ness before changing the subject. "I wish that people were as passionate about little kids being able to be included or grow up as they were about fictitious women's fairness in sports. I have to tell you, I am very tired," Van Ness said as tears fell down their face.

Montana judge blocks anti-Trans law
Montana District Court Judge Jason Marks ruled on Wednesday, September 27, that a new law banning gender-affirming care is likely unconstitutional and will lead to physical and mental damage to young people with gender dysphoria. It was to take effect in just four days.

The judge's injunction will remain until the Montana Supreme Court can provide an official ruling in a trial. The ACLU of Montana, which had been fighting the legislation, is counting Marks' ruling as a victory, though it notes that there is still a long way to go.

The Montana law would have blocked gender-affirming surgeries for minors — a procedure the ACLU notes is incredibly rare among the demographic. From 2016 to 2019, only 3,700 patients in the US between the ages of 12 and 18 received gender-affirming surgery.

The Montana law would have also banned Transgender youth currently receiving care from continuing to access their medication.

Federal judge strikes down anti-drag law in Texas
On Tuesday, September 26, a federal judge struck down an anti-drag law in Texas. LGBTQ+ watchdog groups across the country had flagged the law as dangerous, fearing it would lead to the imprisonment of drag queens who perform in front of minors.

The bill, which was signed into law in June by Gov. Greg Abbott, repeatedly cited drag shows as a threat to children in its statement of intent. Opponents of the law argued that it infringed on free speech. US District Judge David Hittner agreed. "Not all people will like or condone certain performances," Hittner wrote in his ruling. "This is no different than a person's opinion on certain comedy or genres of music, but that alone doesn't strip First Amendment protection."

The lead defendant of the case, Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton, said in a statement that he plans to appeal the ruling. Paxton was acquitted in an impeachment trial earlier this month.