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The results are in for Washington's presidential primary

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Elaine Thompson / AP
Elaine Thompson / AP

Voters across Washington checked their party affiliation and submitted their votes for the March 12 primary. Despite dropping out of the race nearly a week before, Nikki Haley still managed to get 149,181 votes, although it wasn't enough to even earn her even one delegate. Donald Trump earned 43 delegates, with 583,358 votes (75.7%). Trump did the best in Ferry County, where he won 87% of the Republican votes. Though he still won the Republican primary in King County, he performed the worst there, only snagging 61%.

On the Democratic side, Joe Biden is the projected winner and earned all 92 delegates from 751,224 votes (83.5%). While a full sweep is never likely, especially with multiple opponents on the ballot, the fact that Biden didn't earn more votes surprised many. His biggest challenger here came from uncommitted voters, who made up nearly 10% of the votes.

The "uncommitted" movement began just weeks before the primary and made waves in the Ohio race. Dissatisfied with the president's handling of the war between Hamas and Israel, protesters, activists, and many young voters mobilized through social media to encourage Democrats to protest US aid to Israel. The movement did the best in King County, with 45,107 votes (13.6%).

Trump's trials
Though still in the running and projected to earn the nomination, twice-impeached Trump is also currently being indicted in four separate cases. He faces two felony counts of obstructing an official proceeding, one felony count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, and one felony count of conspiracy for his involvement with January 6. In Georgia, Trump faces one count of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, one count of conspiracy to impersonate a public officer, two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree forgery, two counts of false statements, two counts of conspiracy to commit false statements, one count of filing false documents, and one count of conspiracy to file false documents. Regarding documents seized at his Mar-a-Lago residency, Trump faces 32 felony counts of willful retention of national defense information in violation of the Espionage Act, six felony counts of obstruction-related crimes, and two felony counts of false statements. He is also simultaneously being indicted in New York on 34 felony counts of New York penal law for falsifying documents regarding the hush-money case.

On Tuesday, March 19, Trump argued for sweeping immunity in front of the Supreme Court, arguing that future presidents could be blackmailed with potential lawsuits and jail time after they leave office if immunity is not assumed to continue after their term ends. Trump also argued that if the court was unwilling to grant him maximalist immunity, it should delay all of his trials until after the November election, as he is now the projected winner in several primaries, including the one in Washington State.

Washington's primary race seems to be indicative of national trends. A 2024 Biden-Trump rematch is on, despite the efforts of Haley and "uncommitted" activists. Regardless of the outcome, the next general election will end with the oldest serving US president in history taking on inflation, growing resentment toward the LGBTQ+ community, and increasing debate about wars abroad.