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Looking Back in SGN History: Why we love Palm Springs

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A page from Volume 39, Issue 24  

JUNE 17, 2011

Visiting Palm Springs makes you feel like Edward and Jacob from the Twilight movies have teamed up, ditched that whiny Bella girl, married each other, and retired in a chic '70s retro home in the California desert. The Twilight theme is also fitting because the stereotype of older Gay men migrating here isn't exaggerated — they come to live out their twilight years with their significant other. With so much to do, it's no wonder that Gay and straight alike flock to visit and end up staying.

The warm reception we get here isn't just from the desert winds. According to many different sources, the LGBTQ population outnumbers the heteros in this desert paradise. With such an overwhelming number of fruity citizens, it's no wonder that the city offers a refreshing and wide range of options for visitors and residents alike. [...]

The Hyatt Regency is the most decadent and lavish hotel in Palm Springs. It's a far cry from what many Gay couples choose as accommodations (as Palm Springs is known for having many clothing-optional resorts), but we chose to accentuate the glamour rather than our love handles. The Hyatt Regency was so fabulous, we ran into the prima donnas from Logo TV's A-List.

As the elevator closed, we heard a high, screechy voice whine, "OMG [the actual letters, not the words], they don't have an upgrade? Do they know who we are? They don't have the presidential suite?"

All I can say to that is, "Honey, you don't need the presidential suite. You need the princess suite with extra-insulated walls and an extra room for your big egos and oversized Gucci man purses." [...]

The hotel oozes urbane sophistication and is fresh from a $15 million transformation. Its giant oversized atrium-style ceilings inspire a feeling of greatness. The modern and opulent resort-like hotel offers the city's best views of the surrounding mountains and cityscape from six floors of expansive balconies and terraces.

The rooms are luxurious and decorated with rich dark chocolate, coffee bean, and creamy vanilla walls encasing an inviting white suede designer sectional and chaise lounge. Orange accented chairs bring punches of bold color to a tranquil earth-tone palette. [...]

At the Azul Tapas Lounge, we were treated to a secret recipe that any establishment would envy... a perfect balance of two Palm Springs quintessential ingredients: a witty drag queen and a piano bar. [...]

Rudy de la Mor, the evening's hostess, was a joy to watch while we enjoyed great service and excellent food... She entertained the crowd with Gershwin's "Swanee" and a rousing version of "Mame." [...]

There is so much more to do in Palm Springs that I ever imagined. Before I had the opportunity to see the sights, I only thought that Palm Springs was good for hosting the annual White Party (which is a must-do), golfing, and finding a sugar daddy. Thank goodness I was wrong. [...]

While visiting Palm Springs during White Party, it isn't a secret we got high. We even have pictures!

Get your mind out of the gutter, people; this isn't a Kate Moss snorting cocaine incident. We literally got high up in the mountains! We [took the Aerial Tramway] starting at 2,643 feet and went all the way to the top at Mountain Station (8,516 feet). The views on the way up are incredible as you enjoy the sheer cliffs of Chino Canyon in the 360-degree rotating compartment, but they are positively spectacular at the top. [...]

Palm Springs has the personality and charm that we love in the Northwest, without that Southern California attitude we often hear about... Most importantly, make some time to sit by one of the many pools and work on your tan, because we Northwesterners are vitamin D deficient (aka pasty and pale after our sunless winter).

This article was edited for length. To view the article in full, visit https://issuu.com/sgn.org/docs/section3_travel_06-17-11