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Compete Sports Diversity to hold Seattle summit, training

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Luchie Javelosa & Martin Stark — Courtesy photos
Luchie Javelosa & Martin Stark — Courtesy photos

Compete Sports Diversity, an organization that provides certificates in sports diversity leadership with a mission to unite the world through sports, will host an online training on May 16. The event will focus on using privilege to bolster marginalized communities and feature special guests Luchie Javelosa, senior sports sales manager at Tempe Tourism; and Martin Stark, chief executive officer of World Gay Boxing Championships.

The course qualifies for sports diversity leadership certification credit, assuming the attendee is registered for that program. Designed specifically to teach aspiring professionals about DEI initiatives in the sporting world, the SDL track focuses primarily on the LGBTQ+ sports community. The website offers explanations of what the initials mean, what the "pink dollar" is, and why Queer sporting events and Pride festivals are important.

"With the rise in representation and acceptance of LGBTQ+ community, it has become trendy to add 'diversity and inclusion' statements and/or change a corporate logo to a rainbow pattern every year for Pride month," the page about the SDL certification says. "While these efforts are a start, they often fail to embrace what it truly means to be 'diverse and inclusive.' To be diverse and inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community is to know the history and learn from the LGBTQ+ community."

Compete Sports Diversity does more than certify professionals in DEI practices, though. Its leadership team holds summits that gather its 150 member organizations multiple times a year, one of which is at Seattle University on May 10 and 11, though tickets are not currently available. Publishing content about Queer sports through its website and Compete Magazine, the organization also serves as a news source for a niche part of the LGBTQ+ world.

The two guests for the event on May 16 boast impressive résumés. Aside from her role at Tempe Tourism, Javelosa was the 2021 Sports ETA Young Professional of the Year, and recently moderated an event called "Creating Inclusive Communities through Sports." She also worked at Visit Tucson for six years as a sports coordinator, sports sales manager, and director. Stark, aside from his work at World Gay Boxing Championships, is an inspirational speaker and LinkedIn coach who has been featured on various news sites, including CNN, BBC, and ABC.

Tickets for the Compete Sports Diversity's SDL training are available at https://www.competediversitysummit.com and cost $95. More information is also available at the website.