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Looking Back in SGN History: Classifieds — Women Seeking Women, Men Seeking Men

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A page from Volume 13, Issue 20  

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MAY 16, 1986


Quiet, Conservative,
and sensitive individual wants to meet same for friendship first; GWF, chemical-free, independent, 32 years, and educated.

Goddess/Amazon Warrior
I'm looking for a goddess and Amazon warrior. I'm a lesbian surviving. I'm attractive, honest, sensitive, good lover, pure, serious. Even if we don't get into bed, friends are what I need.


Looking for someone to ride motorcycles with, over 30, masculine please. No drugs, bars or smokers.

Whipping Boy Wanted
Intelligent, mature professional wants man who needs and likes punishment and light S/M.

2 GWM Seeking 3rd
2 GWM with long term relationship — very caring people. Seek 3rd GM for long term friendship, good times & loving encounters. Prefer person in 20's or 30's. Sincere only reply.

GWM, 26, student, humanitarian, follower of leftist-politics, seeks strong-willed, socially conscious, determined man for friendship. I also enjoy music, reading, & movies. Favorite singer: Cher. Favorite book(s): Chronicles of Narnia. Favorite movie: Victor/Victoria.

Seeks Younger Brother
GWM, 28, seeks younger brother for adventures and just spending time with.

Last Thursday Night
Walking up the stairs from you [sic] apartment you asked me, "What's wrong?" "What?" "I thought you were crying." "No." Thank you for caring. I am now.

Tacoma/Puyallup Area
W/M, 39, new at this and want more. Like to watch guys J/O and help you J/O. Wish to receive Greek only. Not interested in giving Greek, giving or receiving French. Not looking for a relationship, just sex. No pain, ruff [sic] stuff or drugs. Young or old, come on over and show me what you've got.

Home Videos
Will pay money to take home video movies of younger in old bluejeans, who have slim builds and nice rounded asses, that show off good in real old, tight, faded and worn bluejeans; of your own, or some of mine, with a 27 to 28 inch waist size. Especially, the kind of jeans, that are real snug and faded around the ass, to where the back seam of the pants stick in and draw up into the crack of the ass. A full view photo appreciated.

Swingshift employee, 42, 6'1", 180, has morning hours available for support group of other swingshift workers locally. Other possibilities are: sun-worship at local beaches, taking notes on breezes thru local foliage. The evolution of tenderness in gay males as a response to AIDS. Only those with thinking caps need apply. Application via handwritten letter.

Central Washington
Are there any other GM in Wenatchee/Leavenworth area? Let's get together for fun, friendship, support, etc.

Sincere Professional
Well-established, sincere, professional GWM, 20, 6 ft., sandy blond, blue eyes, good build. Looking for honest, mature, professional, 25-40, who enjoys quiet romantic evenings, movies, friends, and concerts. If this sounds like your wants and desires, send sincere inquiry. This may sound like other ads but I am unique.

Patient Looking for Doctor
Medical man for all types of clinical examinations and treatments as needed.

Perfect Match
J/O - Hairy J/O buddy wanted by well-endowed gay male for intimacy, friendship, or possible relationship. I'm 6'2", slightly husky, bearded, and into J/O alone or with one special partner. There's got to be a perfect match for me out there.

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