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National Highlights 5/21/21

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Photo courtesy of Fran's House
Photo courtesy of Fran's House


The New York Times reported on May 16 that Bucknell University is investigating an act of hostility against its LGBT students. A group of men "harassed and intimidated" the residents of the university's LGBT-aligned Fran House, and tried to break into the building. Witnesses say 15-20 people were outside the building during the night, banging on doors and even climbing to the roof. By the time campus security officers arrived, only four of the intruders remained. Witnesses say the officers spoke with the intruders in a cordial way and did not speak with the residents. Bucknell has since hired a firm to correct its safety department's shortcomings. The university's community has actively supported Fran House's residents, setting up nightly watches outside the building and organizing a march against toxic masculinity.


LGBTQ Nation on May 16 covered Caitlyn Jenner's latest campaign ad, which criticizes California for its regulations, high taxes, and high number of citizens moving out of the state. She shows off a gold medal in the ad, claiming she can "compete" with Florida and Texas, with promises of lower regulations and good business. LGBTQ Nation writer Juwan J. Holmes noted, however, that California's population growth is still positive, and higher than half of all states.

Fans of Blizzard Entertainment's popular video game franchise Warcraft learned from Twitter users on May 11 that one of the title's foremost characters is trans. Chromie, the character in question, is a time-travelling dragon who often takes the form of a three-foot Gnome. She has appeared in multiple games, as well as in trailers for major releases like World of Warcraft Classic. Her trans status was confirmed in the early release of a "folklore" book featuring a short story called "Visage Day," which describes a coming-of-age ceremony for dragons in which they choose their forms.