R&M Dessert Bar: Capitol Hill's weekend evening sweet treat

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Photo courtesy of R&M Dessert Bar
Photo courtesy of R&M Dessert Bar

We've all been there. A night out on Capitol Hill, hitting up the hottest bars. The drinks are flowing, the vibes are immaculate — but something is missing. Your palate craves a sweet treat, a dessert, something homemade. But baking takes too much time, and anything open late is full of grease and deceit. What is a person to do?

Rod Gambassi and Marc Adams, a couple from Capitol Hill, have the solution. Together they own and operate R&M Dessert Bar, the best late-night bite in the neighborhood.

"We've always wanted to open a dessert bar, ever since we've been together," said Rod, reflecting on the 21-year relationship the two have shared. Four years ago, they realized their dream and finally opened the doors to the establishment.

"When you want dessert late at night, there are very slim options for you." Rod said, explaining why the place is so special. Open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on weekend nights, R&M is the perfect solution for partiers with a sweet tooth.

Every recipe Rod and Marc use comes from the heart, and their families. "Everything we have... the recipes are either my grandma's recipes or Marc's grandma's recipes," Rod explained.

The treats the pair create would certainly make their grandmothers proud. One of the best creations is Rod's tres leches cake, a special, traditional Mexican recipe passed through his family for generations. The cake is perfectly moist, each bite full of fluffy pastry and soaked in the best cream. A caramel garnish tops it off. It tastes even better than it looks; each bite will feel like little angels dancing on your taste buds.

For customers with dietary restrictions, R&M has some great gluten- and dairy-free options as well. The citrus cake, for example, offers a simpler experience while still packing in flavor but without any ingredients that may mess with your digestive tract, like a hug from your preferred grandmother.

The menu is constantly shifting and changing, so there is always something new to try at R&M. It also offers exclusive chef's tasting events on Thursdays, so dedicated dessert fans can try new creations not yet available behind the counter.

Since the business is completely run by just the two of them, they were able to stay afloat during the pandemic, but they are hoping to see more patrons now that things are starting to open back up. So stop by R&M Dessert Bar the next time you're out on the town and craving a sweet treat.

R&M Dessert Bar is located at 601 E. Pike Street (at Belmont), or online at https://www.rmdessertbar.com/.