International News Highlights — December 3, 2021

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Photo by Rodrigo Garrido / Reuters
Photo by Rodrigo Garrido / Reuters

Santiago: Promising Gay marriage bill
Reuters reported on November 23 that Chile's lower house has a approved a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. The upper house will review the changes made by the lower house (such as replacing "husband" and "wife" with "spouse"), and if the bill is reapproved, it will likely be signed into law by President Sebastian Pinera, who has openly supported the measure. Reuters noted that, despite Chile's conservative reputation, a strong majority of Chileans support same-sex marriage. The country has permitted same-sex civil unions with many of the same benefits as marriage since 2015, but with this measure, same-sex couples would have equality with others under the law.

Russia: Netflix investigated for "gay propaganda"
Engadget reported on November 26 that Russian officials are investigating Netflix for allegedly violating a "gay propaganda" law, after complaints were issued against the video streaming service for rating content with LGBTQ themes as suitable for age 16 and up. Russian law doesn't allow the distribution of "propaganda on nontraditional sexual relations" among those under 18. Netflix has denied wrongdoing, saying it didn't find any such content rated 16+ during a recent content review. The Interior Ministry could fine Netflix of up to a million rubles ($13,390) and temporarily suspend the service in the country if they find it has broken the law.