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National News Highlights — June 17, 2022

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Amy Schneider — Photo by Jeff Chiu / AP
Amy Schneider — Photo by Jeff Chiu / AP

Fox Sports censors Jeopardy! champ with NASCAR driver
NBC News reported on June 13 that Fox Sports didn't air Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider throwing a first pitch at a San Francisco baseball game, and instead showed footage from 48 hours earlier of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch doing the same.

Schneider is famously Jeopardy's greatest woman contestant, having won 40 consecutive contests in a row. She is also the first Trans woman to qualify for the show's Tournament of Champions, making Fox's unexplained redaction a controversial one.

"I wanted to make a correction from what I watched yesterday on the Fox broadcast," Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper told NBC Sports Bay Area fans. "The broadcast implied that Kurt Busch threw out the first pitch yesterday which was not true. It was Amy Schneider from 'Jeopardy' fame who threw out the first pitch on Pride Day yesterday. So I just wanted to make sure she got her due."

During the game, the Dodgers and Giants wore rainbow caps to celebrate Pride, and earlier, Schneider appeared as part of Pride Day at Oracle Park.

Trans Starbucks workers allege threat to gender affirming care
Bloomberg reported on June 14 that Starbucks employees in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Kansas allege that they were taken aside for one-on-one conversations in which management suggested that union-negotiated benefits wouldn't include gender-affirming healthcare. "I think the company realizes that we as Trans partners feel particularly vulnerable at this time," Oklahoma Starbucks employee Neha Cremin told the press. "I think that in some cases they are willing to take advantage of that.

Starbucks spokesperson Reggie Borges addressed the situation. "We are not threatening our partners with the loss of benefits if they join a union."

The alleged threats surfaced amidst victories for Starbuck unionizers in over 70 stores nationwide, including right here in Seattle.