Texas GOP brands LGBTQ "abnormal"

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Photo by Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters
Photo by Mark Kauzlarich / Reuters

The Texas Republican Party has decided that being LGBTQ "is an abnormal lifestyle choice."

The wording comes from the new state GOP platform, passed at the party's biennial convention in Houston. The GOP said it opposes any "criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values."

Texas Republicans also said they "oppose all attempts to validate Transgender identity." This includes proposed criminal penalties for anyone providing gender-affirming medical treatment for a patient under 21 years of age.

While the new platform received overwhelming support, many delegates were opposed. "We're the Republican Party of Texas," one delegate said in protest. "We're not the Westboro Baptist Church."

On the other hand, a delegate said she supports the plank calling homosexuality "abnormal behavior, because it is."

In addition to the anti-LGBTQ language, convention managers barred the Houston chapter of Log Cabin Republicans — the GOP's LGBTQ group — from setting up a literature table in the hall.

The LCR struggled to express its disappointment while at the same time sticking to its servile attitude toward the GOP and its leaders.

"Log Cabin Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated our commitment to individual liberty, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense," said LCR Houston president Chris Halbohn in a statement to KXAN, a local TV station.

"LCR thanks Melania Trump, Donald Trump Jr.... and the allies we encounter from across Texas for supporting our inclusion in the Republican Party. We will never stop advancing the niche voice of LGBT conservatives in this country. And we'll never stop growing our party's tent to ensure its success for years to come."

"These are just crazy people," Michael Cargill, acting chair of the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas, said of the convention. "It's a small minority of people that are being un-Christian-like and spewing this hateful language...

"It's not their job to judge anyone," he continued. "That's up to the Lord to judge. They need to dig deep into the Bible, spend a little time in church on Sunday, and listen to what the Lord says about loving all of his children."

The far-right convention attendees do not represent "the majority of the GOP," Cargill added. According to KXAN-TV, state GOP convention-goers tend to be the farthest right of an already far-right political party.

This was the same convention where Republican Sen. John Cornyn was heckled and booed for his work on bipartisan gun safety legislation. The Cornyn incident occurred the day before the platform was approved.