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Bingo, but make it Gay: Enjoy weekly Tuesday comedy and debauchery at Olmste(a)d

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Photo courtesy of Fuck Yeah Bingo
Photo courtesy of Fuck Yeah Bingo

Bingo has come a long way since its origins as a lotto game rip-off played with beans (it used to be called "beano"). Schools incorporate it into lesson plans, game boards are used for fundraisers and sweepstakes, big bucks are won playing it online and at casinos, and it's perhaps the most common association with retirement recreational activities in America.

At its core, the game is an easy opportunity to bring people together in friendly, entirely chance-based competition in a lively group setting. And "Fuck Yeah Bingo" on Capitol Hill offers just that.

Local comedians Bobby Higley and Jaleesa Johnson host this raunchy event every Tuesday at Olmste(a)d restaurant (314 Broadway E.) from 7 to 9 p.m. After having thrived during a 7.5-year run at the now-closed Highline Bar, it has garnered a solid group of regulars at Olmste(a)d for the past six months. It is Queer, it is ridiculous, and it is, in the hosts' words, "not your grandmother's bingo, unless she's a freak!"

The SGN had the chance ask Higley some questions as to what is in store in an evening's game.

What is the format?
Plain and simple, "it's two queer standup comics hosting free bar bingo," said Higley. "We have excruciating one-liners, tell stories, and workshop jokes, all live and unscripted. We call numbers, people hoist daubers, shit's very gay."

Photo courtesy of Fuck Yeah Bingo  

What sort of prizes are there?
Higley explained that there are all sorts of prizes, but made clear that there is no gambling. "We have donation rounds with spicy prizes, but I'd really [rather] not get into it with the Washington State Gambling Commission. So, let's just say terrible and often understated prizes." Intriguing!

Is there a theme to the games?
"Watch two super funny queers get drunk on tequila and then mine their own personal trauma for... um... fun, yes fun!"

What is your favorite part of hosting bingo?
To this, Higley answered, "I have three things I adore most about bingo." The first is "two hours of being able to play around. There is a whole lot of freedom that is missing in standup. In standup I need to achieve laughs to succeed... At bingo I get the same joy from the pained groans of regulars hearing my 69-ing bit for the 40th time as I do the laughter."

Photo courtesy of Fuck Yeah Bingo  

Second is "the regulars — god, they turn it out each and every week." The show is seeing a turnout of "40-60 people regularly for a Tuesday night event, and I recognize the same wonderful faces week after week."

Lastly, "getting to hang out with my awesome friend and co-host Jalessa Johnson. She's hilarious and a great energy to be around."

So, if you're looking for a way to spice up your Tuesday night, the event is for you. It is low-stakes, low-cost, and full of Queer comedy. You may even leave with a random prize that you didn't know you needed!

Bingo players can reserve a table for free at https://bit.ly/3rL01e4 or show up before 7 p.m. to snag a table at the last minute. Olmste(a)d is open 4-10 p.m. on Tuesdays, so you can grab a bite early or stay for a while after playing as well.