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Jack Mozie releases newest music video "Beso"

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Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist

On Friday, September 3, Seattle-based producer and recording artist Jack Mozie had a release party for his latest music video, "Beso," a funky Latin-pop track off his EP Sin Poder Hacer Un Ruido, which also premiered on Friday and is now available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

Mozie is no stranger to the industry. He has been recording his original music since the age of 19. "I put out my first original album when I was 21. I followed that up when I was 23 with my second record, and then took some time to off to make music for other people," he said.

After his time off, he was ready to get back into the studio, 2021 marking ten years since his first official single was released.

Sin Poder Hacer Un Ruido is a unique album: Mozie's first all-Spanish EP. "The experience was very different," he said of only recording in Spanish. "As an immigrant, I moved here when I was 12. I kind of had some grasp of English before moving here, but English is what I became the most comfortable with. [I'm] trying to go back and revisit those Spanish roots and figure out, like, how do I want to write and not make it sound like it's my second language, because it's not."

The process of creating new Spanish tracks was grueling. Mozie spent hours brushing up on his Spanish and researching the musical stylings he wanted to incorporate. "I listened to everything from 1940 to now, just to get in touch with like, okay, what is it like to be a Spanish recording artist... what's the song structure like, what are the artists like... but also from the LGBT perspective. I wanted to tell that story as well. A lot of it is very inspired by that."

Outside of producing and recording his music, Mozie gives back to the LGBTQ community with much of his free time and proceeds from his music, putting his passion toward helping LGBTQ-based nonprofits. "I volunteer with a lot of organizations, like Social Outreach Seattle, Seattle Pride, and Entre Hermanos, so a lot of my work kind of resonates in the music, so there's always a little bit of an activist nudge with it."

The release party, open to music lovers of all ages, reflected much of the fun and spontaneity of the song. Fans young and old took to the dance floor to celebrate and feel the rhythm. Mozie is grateful to be supported by his friends and family, all of whom were in attendance at the exciting event.

Fans describe "Beso" as "the perfect dance song for a late summer party." The song reflects the feelings of confusion and joy often felt when experiencing a first love. "'Beso' is one of those songs where the whole story is you kind of see someone and you're too afraid to tell them how you feel," Mozie said, "but deep down you're like, all I want to do is look at you and I want to kiss you. It's kind of that inner fight of 'I'm just dying to kiss you, but it just feels wrong, whether it's society or it's going to mess with our friendship.' That's kind of where it comes from."

"'Beso' is like a choreographer's dream!" said director and choreographer Sandy Flores. "You can dance salsa, tango, bachata... anything with the song's fun rhythm and catchy tune."

When it came time for the premiere, a crowd gathered inside, eyes glued to a countdown projected on the wall. Full of fun family cameos, the video was well received by everyone in attendance.

"Beso" can be found on YouTube or any music streaming service, but listeners are warned: once you hit play, you won't be able to stop your hips from shaking along to the catchy beat.

You can find Mozie's music at Youtube.com/jackmozie, Jackmozie.com, Spotify, and Apple Music.