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Emily Stranger and producer 4SIA release new single, "Erase Me"

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Courtesy of the artists
Courtesy of the artists

Local Queer independent electronic musical artist Emily Stranger is gearing up to release her single "Erase Me" (produced by 4SIA) on February 23. The track is an emotional house banger that simultaneously makes one want to dance and also feel contemplative and reflective in a way only great narrative songs can.

The artist has been going by the Emily Stranger project name for a while, since 2015. The producer of the track, 4SIA, a Queer artist from the Bay Area, has been making music since she was in middle school, also in 2015. The two found each other after 4sia saw a cover of Ariana Grande that Emily had posted. The two were excited to work together, and the song is a result of that collaboration.

Emily Stranger — Courtesy of the artist  

The song
The song opens with a restrained beat, creating emphasis on the vocals. The soft electric piano chords and washes of reverb reflect and accompany the lyrics, which allude to a deteriorating relationship. Emily's dreamy vocals mesh perfectly with the elegant and hard-hitting house beat, which ramps up with percussion, intensifying until it drops, bringing in a thumping and cathartic chorus.

The second verse dives more into the specifics of the story. Lyrics like "I feel like I'm pushing my luck when I ask you for something" speak to the aforementioned breaking down of the partnership. As the narrative builds, added instrumentation increases the tension, perfectly setting up the bridge, which falls back into just piano and vocals, as Emily repeats the phrase "erase me." This all leads to a beautiful climax, diving right back into that pulsating chorus, even more lush and huge than before.

"Erase Me" is an incredibly strong emotional house banger that really makes the listener feel. The lyrics are evocative and developed, painting a complete picture for the narrator's state of mind. It leaves room for interpretation and imagination, while still delivering a satisfying narrative. This accompanied by the instrumental, which knows exactly when to hold back and when to hit full force, paves the way for a truly dynamic listening experience.

4SIA — Courtesy of the artist  

4SIA originally wrote the first verse, before Emily took over and wrote the second one onward. The collaboration on the lyrics is seamless, like one person was writing. The two said they leaned into shared experiences and emotions, which really shines through in the writing.

Emily said finishing the song felt like "a little bit of personal growth." Recording a track entirely remotely with a producer states away was something new to her, not to mention doing so without a studio companion. She rose to these challenges, though, and completed it long-distance with 4sia, sending demos back and forth until they got the perfect takes.

For 4SIA, it also felt like a journey. This is the first house song she's produced, so she also found herself in unfamiliar territory. Both teased the new track as something very different from their usual production.

In the future
While Emily has been taking a bit of a break from touring to focus on writing and recording new material, she does have an upcoming show at Real Art in Tacoma on March 26. As for 4SIA, she has a music video coming out in a few months.

Stay tuned for what else these two have got going on, and on February 23, stream "Erase Me" by Emily Stranger (produced by 4SIA) wherever you get your music!