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From the Palace on Broadway to Benaroya Hall: Ben Platt hits Seattle on July 27

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Ben Platt, a multi-award-winning Broadway and television star, is renowned for his standout performances in the Pitch Perfect series, the film adaptation of his Tony-winning role in Dear Evan Hansen, and the indie hit Theater Camp. On television, he starred as Payton Hobart in Ryan Murphy's The Politician for two seasons, sharing the screen with icons like Jessica Lange, Bette Midler, and Judith Light.

Following a successful residency at the Palace Theatre on Broadway, Platt has launched a multicity tour to promote his latest album, Honeymind.

Engaged to TV star Noah Galvin and still just 30 years old, Platt shared insights with me during a recent phone conversation.

On the Palace:
"It's truly been an unbelievable dream. Being part of the Broadway community, which I've loved and been a part of for so long, but now being recognized as myself and sharing my own perspective while presenting my new record live [has] been wonderful. Having so many friends join me to sing has felt like a beautiful culmination of various aspects of my career converging. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about the experience.

"Of course, the most special moment for me was singing with Noah, because he's my person, and we sing together all the time. Doing it on the night of my album release made it even more memorable and beautiful to share that moment with him."

On the tour
"The concert tour started on June 18, and we've had a great opportunity to fine-tune the show here at the Palace. There will be some tweaks to the set list and design to better suit the tour, moving away from a Broadway-focused format. However, we plan to bring [on the road] largely the same show that we've been presenting here. I'm thrilled to have a well-prepared production to showcase in some truly stunning venues across the country."

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On the album Honeymind
"The album was released last week. It exists in a sonic space influenced by Americana, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, and James Taylor, blended with a distinctly Queer perspective, which reflects my own viewpoint.

"The songs delve into themes of relationships, particularly ours, with a focus on love and navigating adulthood, as I turned 30 during its creation. Noah serves as a muse for many of the love songs, but the album also explores my personal growth and comfort in this phase of life, largely shaped by his support and our relationship."

On Noah Galvin
"We're getting married this fall. We first met when we were around 19 and 20 years old while working on a comedy web series that unfortunately never aired. Introduced by mutual friends involved in the series, we hit it off right away.

"Throughout our twenties, our relationship was on and off — sometimes friends, sometimes more. Then, around late 2019 to early 2020, things changed, and we've been together ever since. Our relationship started just before the COVID quarantine began, which was a challenging time for everyone. However, for us, it was a turning point. After circling around each other for a long time, being forced to focus solely on each other without distractions showed us that we had something special."

On Payton (The Politician) vs. Evan (Dear Evan Hansen)
"I enjoyed both roles for different reasons. Evan was incredibly fulfilling because it realized my lifelong dream of originating a musical role, allowing me to utilize all my skills in my favorite art form: theater. On the other hand, playing Payton was enjoyable due to his confidence, aggression, ambition, and strength — qualities Evan lacks, as he battles self-hatred and weakness.

"Switching between these characters provided a satisfying contrast. They both sing, which suits me well, and struggle to connect, but in distinct ways: Payton connects superficially yet struggles deeply due to his political role, while Evan finds superficial connections challenging but harbors a profound capacity for love and connection underneath."

AEG Live Presents' "Ben Platt: The Honeymind Tour" (with very special guest Brandy Clark) hits Seattle's Benaroya Hall on Saturday, July 27. For tickets, visit https://seattlesymphony.org