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Ask Izzy: How to emulate the energy of fashion daddy Pedro Pascal

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Pedro Pascal — Photo by Allison Dinner / Reuters
Pedro Pascal — Photo by Allison Dinner / Reuters

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Dear Izzy,

Hi, I just finished watching
The Last of Us, and I'm now obsessed with Pedro Pascal. I'm wondering if you have any tips on how to emulate his style through personal fashion and energy? Also, I dress very gender-neutral/masc but am AFAB and cannot physically grow a mustache. Thanks!

— Wannabe Fashion Daddy

Dear Wannabe,

Let me just say you have great taste. If anyone is truly having a moment right now, it would be Pedro Pascal, the internet's favorite zombie-killing daddy. And I am here for it. There are a few things that make Pedro an icon, and it's not just his rugged good looks and talent for making me cry. Even covered in metal from head to toe as the Mandalorian, he has it, a unique je ne sais quoi that can't be replicated. But that doesn't mean you can't try.

Grandpa chic
Because of the range that Pedro has, you must be a little more specific about what style of his you want to emulate. Is it the rugged, macho wardrobe of his character from The Last of Us? Or the kooky hot grandpa vibes he has been giving on the red carpet in recent months?

If it's the first, you will want to focus on "rugged workwear and grungy denim," per GQ. Pedro's character in the postapocalyptic show isn't going for style, although he does manage to slay every chance he gets. No, it's more about function and staying alive while the mushroom zombies are after you. To get the look, you'll want to layer up a nice tee with an oversized flannel and top with a tailored jacket and boots.

Off-screen, Pedro's look is much funkier, a flamboyant display of just how "daddy" he is. If you look at Pedro's outfits from his recent press tour for The Mandalorian, you'll be surprised at how fun and colorful everything is. In an email with GQ, his stylist, Julia Ragolia, said that her goal isn't to help Pedro go viral — he can do that all on his own.

"I simply wanted to present Pedro's best self. This is what felt right," she said when asked about a few recent outfits Pedro wore that are grandpa chic at its finest.

To emulate this version of Pedro, you'll want some beautifully tailored slacks paired with a simple sweater in a color of your choice. Once you have those pieces, it's all about the accessories. Maybe it's a bold pair of glasses or a funky hat. Whatever it is, wear it proudly. It's what Pedro would do.

Daddy energy
Pedro could be wearing a garbage bag and I would still call him a fashion icon, because of the energy he always emits. It's a confidence that radiates through his dashing smile and humble laugh.

To truly emulate Pedro, you need to have this confidence. Or at least fake it till you make it. To do this, one exercise I recommend is standing naked in front of a mirror for five minutes every single day, looking at yourself. Seriously, do it. You may laugh, but it's called "mirror work," and it's a type of therapy to foster self-love — and it really works. The kind of confidence that Pedro carries comes from feeling at home in your body, and to get that, you must become comfortable with how you look at your most vulnerable.

After doing this for a week or two, you will notice yourself standing a bit taller, exuding confidence that Pedro Pascal knows all too well. Before you know it, you will have people calling you daddy wherever you go.