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The mountain's out this winter: Show your pride with Left of Rainier's progressive apparel

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Photo courtesy of Left of Rainier
Photo courtesy of Left of Rainier

In 2018, Henry Waymack went looking for "get out the vote" apparel, but he didn't quite find what he was looking for. Instead, he found items that had a significantly jaded view of political participation or were produced by large, national nonprofits and specific political campaigns. As a graphic designer and a Queer man of a Trans experience, he put his skill to use creating his ideal products.

Henry Waymack  

"The first items I designed were enamel 'I Voted' pins, one with an American flag and the other with the Philadelphia Pride flag, which had just debuted that summer in 2018," Waymack recalled. "Since then, the designs have expanded to include a variety of progressive issues and items... beyond apparel... I continue to design new products for Left of Rainier throughout the year."

He said two of the most popular designs are "Be Gay, Do Crime," white in a pink triangle, and the "Mountain Is Out." Both will be available as patches "very soon," in iron-on and velco options, according to Waymack.

"When people visit Left of Rainier (hosted on Etsy), I hope folx will find something fun and meaningful, [either] for themselves or as gifts for their friends and loved ones," he said.

Waymack grew up in Seattle and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2000. He moved to Tacoma that same fall to attend Pacific Lutheran University. By the time he graduated, he'd grown to really love the city and has called Tacoma his home ever since.

Gift guide
Left of Rainier offers a number of sales throughout the holiday season, including on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Find it at https://shop.leftofrainier.com/, https://www.etsy.com/shop/leftofrainier/ or on social media @leftofrainer.