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Joey Amato creates financial literacy roadmap for LGBTQ readers

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Finances can be difficult for anyone, but for members of the LGBTQ+ community, they can be even more tricky. While there are several financial guidebooks, gurus, and motivational speakers ready to give advice, many lack the experience and understanding of the unique struggles LGBTQ+ investors can face.

This was one of the reasons why Gay travel journalist and publisher Joey Amato decided to write his latest book, Everyday Investing.

"The book takes readers on a transformative journey, starting with the basics of investing and gradually building upon that foundation," Amato explained. "Readers will explore various investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and more."

While Amato admits he is not a financial expert, he has found success in his own life. Now he is offering his journey as a road map for other LGBTQ+people to follow if they're feeling lost on the winding journey of one's finances.

The book breaks down financial topics, language, and theories into easy-to-understand concepts. Amato uses language the average person can understand when diving into topics that are often frustrating and overwhelming to the average American.

He also uses stories and anecdotes from his own experiences, which helps the book feel more like a conversation between friends and less like a Finance 101 class. He breaks down his past mistakes, like getting into credit card debt right out of college — to the tune of $50,000 — and explains how to avoid doing the same thing.

"I made many financial mistakes throughout the early part of my life, and my dream for this book is to educate people so they don't make the same mistakes I made," he said.

Throughout the book, Amato focuses on how emotional responses to finances can lead many people to experience problems. He dives into fear, greed, and preconceived biases that can hold people back when it comes to achieving financial success.

Amato also notes that while emotions can often get in the way of success when it comes to finances, talking about money can be an emotional topic. He specifies that there is a time and a place for feelings in investment and encourages readers to let their values guide their investment decisions.

Unlike many other financial guides, Amato considers the wider world. He is aware that many of his LGBTQ+ readers may feel hesitant to grow their finances when the world seems to be in constant environmental and social disarray. Throughout his book, he shows that there are ethical ways to invest in sustainable and socially beneficial projects.

"I wrote Everyday Investing because I want people in the LGBTQ community to be confident and proud about investing for their future," Amato said. "Many of us focus on today, spending thousands of dollars per year on vacations, dinners, and luxury items when we should be planning for our future. It's perfectly okay to splurge now and then, but I would much rather be able to retire by 50 than 62 — the earliest age that a person can choose to receive Social Security benefits."

By using the tips and guides in Amato's book, readers can start planning their financial strategies. Amato uses himself as a success story: at the age of 31, he started taking his finances seriously and is now 100% debt free. By using his tips in Everyday Investing, readers can hopefully follow his lead.

"Although I am not a financial advisor, nor did I go to school for finance, I spent years educating myself and learning about investing. I wrote this book intending to provide LGBTQ+ readers with a clear road map to financial success," Amato said. "I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their financial goals, and I am thrilled to share my knowledge with my community."

Everyday Investing is available on Amazon until August 31. A portion of all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to GLAAD.