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Looking Back in SGN History: Mercedes-Benz the Truth — The Brass Door

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Looking Back in SGN History: Mercedes-Benz the Truth — The Brass Door

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JUNE 5, 1981

[...] And the beat goes on... What a battle cry! This is the motivating motto of Seattle's "state of the art night spot," the incomparable Brass Door, located on the corner of Pike and Harvard Streets in the heart of Capitol Hill. All in all, the management and staff of this disco have overcome all obstacles, to become perhaps the most popular club on the Seattle gay scene. Those involved have become a close knit family, which has enabled them to evolve from a neighborhood bar into a first-class establishment. A self-proclaimed "idea factory," this club has one thing in mind: to please the city of Seattle.

Owners Greg and Ken have had control since the bar's opening in July of 1977, and they have progressively become the city's top management team since that time. Their professional attitudes have assured the people of this area that innovation is on the rise and imagination has a place in today's society. Only a few bars on the coast (the only other in Seattle, I believe, is Images) have the potential for national recognition. The Brass Door certainly leads this list. [...]

Its amenities include the most diverse and current music in the city, directed by Seattle's nationally known disc jockey (and my personal choice for Entertainer of the Year), Paul Curtis. The crowd packs the small, but increasingly intimate dance floor on any given night to the spinning of Paul and his booth partner Gary T. But this establishment has room for other types of activity as well, from pool to pinball.[...]

Jim Moran just took over as manager for Rod Reinhart, who wen on to Hawaii; Jim plans to add his sense of style to the incredibly talented group already assembled. The staff (night manager Bill, bartenders Randy and Lance, waiter Lance, coat checker Lee and doorman Brad) are probably the finest and most professional group in the city.

As you all know, this institution in Seattle gay life has encountered many recent rough spots, but they have learned from each difficulty and improved their sense of direction. Time can only tell what further successes are in store, but in the words of Greg and Ken, "...if you support us, we will support you." Seattle, there is no question that you are finally on a two-way street. And for once, a happy ending.

This article was edited for length. To view the article in full, visit: https://issuu.com/sgn.org/docs/sgn_june_5_1981