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Seattle Gay News' Transgender resource guide

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Rebecca Noble / Reuters
Rebecca Noble / Reuters

Although we are faced with anti-Transgender and anti-Queer legislation sweeping the nation — including in Washington — in celebration of Pride Month, the SGN has developed a list of organizations that work with the Transgender and gender-diverse communities.

• Transgender and gender-nonconforming people lead Ingersoll Gender Center, which provides peer-led support groups, assistance with navigating resources, and community organizing and education. The organization hosts weekly peer support groups for Trans and gender-nonconforming people and their friends, families, and allies. The website lists providers that offer gender-affirming healthcare. 911 E. Pike St. #221, (206) 849-7859

Lavender Rights Project focuses on gender-diverse and Intersex communities of color, providing legal and social services to target oppressive systems that disproportionately impact these communities, including higher rates of poverty, gender-based violence, and housing inequities. The legal services are free for Black and Indigenous people and consist of expungements, direct representation, and consultations. 911 E. Pike St. #314, (206) 639-7955

• Creator of the sacred Trans space at Trans Pride Seattle, Gender Justice League fights for the human rights of Two-Spirit, Trans, and gender-diverse people by advocating and connecting them directly to services. Some of its services relate to gender-affirming healthcare, housing and shelter, mental healthcare, and gender and name documentation processes, as well as educating local business leaders about the shocking disparities of unemployment and poverty in the communities it serves. [email protected] or call or text (206) 538-0423

GLSEN Washington believes that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment so that they can comfortably learn, grow, and thrive. GLSEN increases inclusiveness in Washington schools through training and giving resources to students, educators, and community partners. It also collaborates with school districts in creating inclusive policies. Email GLSEN at [email protected]

Seattle's LGBTQ+ Center, formerly known as Gay City, is the leading HIV/STI tester in King County and provides free tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Referrals to medical professionals for continued care are also made. In partnership with Capitol Hill's Kelley-Ross Pharmacy, the center offers gender-affirming hormone therapy for those 18+, including estrogen oral patches and injectables, and testosterone cream, gel, or injectables. It also writes letters of support for gender-affirming surgery and has a mutual aid closet and pantry filled with food, hygiene products, and clothing. 400 E. Pine St. #100, (206) 860-6969

• Serving thousands of Trans and Queer survivors of interpersonal partner violence and domestic violence, sexual assault, hate violence, stalking, and harassment, Northwest Network does it all through advocacy-based counseling and education, the former of which creates a supportive space for survivors and helps to decrease feelings of isolation, understand the patterns of abuse, grow self-esteem, and begin to heal from trauma. The group refers survivors to housing, food banks, mental health support, and LGBTQ+ social support groups. [email protected] or (206)568-7777

• Tacoma-based Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound (DAPS) is a nonprofit that supports 18+ Trans and gender-diverse people via support groups, advocacy, and financial aid, serving all of Washington. For those who are unable to afford or access hormone-replacement therapy, DAPS offers a two-month supply kit that includes needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, sharps shuttles, and a link to the closest needle disposal site. The org collaborates with policymakers and local organizations to address policies that directly harm Trans and gender-diverse people, including those who are incarcerated. Its online and in-person support and social groups are a private Discord channel with resources and event listings; there is also a "Tea for T" meet-up every Friday at Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma. [email protected]

QLAW Foundation of Washington provides legal assistance, such as free consultations with one of its volunteer attorneys to better understand legal issues, suggesting potential next steps, and assisting people with completing legal forms. https://www.qlawfoundation.org/contact-us

Queer Youth Services, within Northwest Youth Services, supports Queer youth, their loved ones, and community providers. Its Trans Fashion Treasury has free, gender-affirming clothes, and the group offers gender-affirming care training, case consultations, and self-advocacy coaching. Contact the resource navigator, Sara Glebe, at [email protected]

• In addition to answering questions that organizations, institutions, and people have about gender identity, Northwest Washington Gender Alliance hosts weekly online support meetings on Wednesday evenings. The group is committed to assisting those experiencing challenges related to gender identity and expression, whether it be in someone's own life or their loved one's. [email protected]

Trans Families is a nonprofit that's supported Trans people and their families since 2008. Its youth groups are led by Trans adults and mentors, and are broken down by age category: older elementary school students, middle schoolers, and high schoolers to young adults. These include age-appropriate conversations about life happenings. Trans Families also hosts scheduled game nights on Discord for youth. [email protected]