International Highlights 4/30/21

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Bristol Pride
Bristol Pride

Cameroon: Persecution and prosecution

Reuters this week followed up on the ongoing persecution of LGBT individuals in Cameroon with a piece on Bandy Kiki, a lesbian activist and social media influencer who emigrated from Cameroon to Britain a decade ago. Kiki has been highlighting the arrest, trial, and incarceration of two Transgender women who were arrested in February and have now been charged with "attempted homosexuality," which can carry a sentence of up to five years.

United Kingdom: Bristol Pride in person

The BBC reported that Bristol Pride will be held in person this year, on July 3-16. Pride Day itself, parade and all, is scheduled for the July 10. In contrast to last year's event, which was moved online, this year will feature a food market, live performances, and other gatherings and events.

Australia: Low rates of HIV

The UK-based charity NAM reported that a recent study shows breakthrough lows in rates of HIV among gay men in Australia. Though condom use is down, the use of PrEP and HIV treatment — part of a rapid rollout in HIV prevention in the country — has made Australia a world leader on this front, NAM's Roger Pebody says.