National Highlights 6/4/21

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Dr. Izzy Lowell, second right (by Bonnie Heath) (National)
Dr. Izzy Lowell, second right (by Bonnie Heath) (National)

Tennessee: Transgender warning

LGBTQ Nation reported on May 28 that Tennessee's new law will require businesses that allow Transgender customers to use the bathroom to post a sign "warning" shoppers of that fact, with business owners who don't comply facing jail time and a fine of $500 for committing a class B misdemeanor. Rep. Tim Judd (R) had the provision tacked onto a chapter of building codes, placing it among plumbing and fire safety guidelines. This follows Tennessee's ban on health care professionals providing gender- affirming care to minors, and the state's ban on Transgender girls participating in girls' athletics programs.

Gender-affirming care NBC News brought the voices of doctors forward on May 27, with interviews on the subject of looming bans on gender-affirming care for minors. Dr. Stephanie Ho of Arkansas framed the state legislature's anti-Trans and anti-abortion efforts as "trying to practice medicine without a license." Alabama's Dr. Izzy Lowell had prepared for the worst when the state Senate passed a ban on gender- affirming care. Though the bill later died in the House, Lowell had had to frontload her Trans patients' prescriptions. NBC emphasized that major US health organizations support gender-affirming care and oppose restrictions on it.