National News Highlights — July 8, 2022

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Photo by Jacquelyn Martin / AP
Photo by Jacquelyn Martin / AP

Married same-sex couples prepare for rollbacks
Reuters reported July 1 on the surge of same-sex couples moving to secure their medical, parental, and estate statuses in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion.

"That has a lot of people scared and, I think, rightfully so," said Birmingham attorney Sydney Duncan, whose inbox was filled with emails from concerned couples just hours after the Supreme Court's ruling.

Dawn Betts-Green and wife Anna Green prepared by visiting a legal clinic for same-sex families, to start the process of creating a will. "That way, if they blast us back to the Dark Ages again, we have legal protections for our relationship," said Betts-Green,

Robbin Reed of Minneapolis felt especially vulnerable. As a white woman married to a Black, Trans man, a decision against same-sex marriage or interracial unions would uproot everything she loves, including her three-month-old child.

"I have no expectation that anything about my marriage is safe," Reed said.

Meanwhile, senior counsel Cathryn Oakley of the Human Rights Campaign has assured same-sex couples that any rollback is years away. "This is definitely a scary moment and people are nervous," she said, "but peoples' marriages are still safe."

Gay teen shoots Gay teen, hate crime charge possible
NBC News reported on July 1 that 19-year-old Jakari Webb of Florida fatally shot Telan Mann, also 19, out of fear of being outed as Gay through a social media post, according to Daytona Beach police.

Police said the two men had been talking over social media since February, and planned to meet for the first time on June 23, which is when the shooting occurred. Mann's family issued a statement thanking police for their "hard work and dedication," which has Webb being held without bail at the Volusia County jail.

Webb faces three charges, including first-degree murder, resisting an officer, and a probation violation. The executive director of the State Attorney's Office for Florida's 7th District has said his office will be "evaluating for additional charges," referring to a possible hate crime charge.

"Anything is possible at this point," he said.