International News Highlights — Apr. 21, 2023

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Photo by Francis Mascarenhas / Reuters
Photo by Francis Mascarenhas / Reuters

Indian government calls same-sex marriage "urban elitist" viewpoint
Appeals to India's Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage have been denounced as "urban elitist views" by the Indian government in a court document, as reported by Reuters.

The country decriminalized homosexuality in 2018, but the current prime minister, Narendra Modi, has openly opposed the appeals. Reuters reports that Modi's right-wing government is opposed to marriage equality because same-sex marriages are not "comparable with the Indian family unit concept of a husband, a wife, and children."

Museveni returns harsh anti-LGBTQ bill to Ugandan parliament for "strengthening"
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni rejected a bill imposing the death penalty on HIV-positive Gay people who have sex, instead sending it back to the parliament "to facilitate the reinforcement and the strengthening of some provisions in line with our best practices," the National Resistance Movement chief whip Denis Hamson Obua told the press on April 20.

There have been no statements made explaining what exactly about the bill needs reinforcement.

The bill, which the US, the EU, the UN, and several international corporations have condemned, also includes a 20-year prison sentence for promoting homosexuality.

Same-sex relations are currently illegal in Uganda, but the bill will expand the laws already in place. The Ugandan parliament passed the bill with nearly unanimous support last month.