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International News Highlights — May 26, 2023

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Photo courtesy of President of Slovakia
Photo courtesy of President of Slovakia

Slovakia to vote on banning legal recognition of Trans people
In what is being called by EU activists a "modern-day Jewish star," Slovakia's parliament is set to vote to allow Trans citizens to change their gender on documents only after taking a genetic test to prove their gender has been "wrongly identified." Trans people would be able to change their given names under the new law, but it is unclear whether they would be allowed to change their surnames as well, which have gender-identifying suffixes in the Slovak language.

Hungary passed a similar law in 2020.

"They could be identified in documents, for example, by employers. That is of course completely unacceptable," Martin Macko, the executive director of Slovak LGBTI civil rights group Iniciativa Inakost, told Reuters. He believes the liberal president of Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová, will veto the law — effectively stalling another vote until the country's election in September — or, if the law is passed, that the Constitutional Court will invalidate it.

"We have the advantage over Hungary that we still have an independent constitutional court," he said.