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Queer Moon Rising brings a slice of Pride to Seattle Night Market

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Last Friday and Saturday, the Seattle Night Market hosted a special Queer Moon Rising event.

The market, which operates over two nights on a monthly basis, has long been a cultural and social hub. The indoor venue, with 50+ stands selling local products, protects customers from unpredictable weather.

On November 4 and 5, the market teamed up with Seattle Pride for an "LGBTQ+ takeover," offering discounted vendor fees for over 20 LGBTQ+-owned stands. A representative of Seattle Pride explained that the goal of the collaboration was to create a space with more visibility for Queer business owners who might be looking to expand their customer base.

The Queer Moon Rising weekend offered food, drinks, and live drag performances. With lovely music, ambient lighting, and a lively atmosphere, it was the perfect way to start November off.

Here are a few of the market's Queer vendors worth checking out:

Hot sauce display at the Electric Habitat booth — Photo by Georgia Skerritt  

Electric Habitat Brines and Sauces
Established in 2021 by wives and business partners Marisa and Miranda, Electric Habitat offers handmade, small-batch pickles and hot sauce, all of which use locally sourced ingredients and packaging. Marisa developed most of the recipes in her previous line of work as a restaurant owner. During the pandemic, the duo decided to close their business and redirect their work into what is now Electric Habitat. "[After we closed], a lot of people were begging me to bottle hot sauces and stuff like that," Marisa told the SGN at the market on Saturday night.

For more information, check out their website: https://www.electric-habitat.com/

Linocut prints from Mister Sea Art — Photo by Georgia Skerritt  

Mister Sea
To anyone looking for a new print or art piece to hang up, Mister Sea is the place to look. Created by artist Carlos, it offers refreshing and unique multimedia prints in all sorts of colors and sizes. Most work is pulled from small sketches in Carlos' personal notebook and then rearranged for larger prints. "I like to start small and then see how I can go big," he explained. "I also get inspired by technology, so some of my pieces have imagery like that in there."

To buy prints or find out more, visit his website: https://www.misterseart.com/

Feminine candles from Ascension — Photo by Georgia Skerritt  

Originally a pandemic project between friends, Ascension is best described by its business cards, which read: "elemental alchemy for bath and body." Since they began the business in 2020, the Ascension team has used locally sourced and 100% vegan ingredients to create candles for spirituality and meditation.

"We work with the elements in our spiritual practices," creator Dee explained to the SGN. "We decided to make some candles to use during our meditations to hold a specific space or energy."
Beyond the beautiful selection of elemental candles (earth, air, water, fire, and "aether"), Ascension also offers body-shaped candles for further spiritual connection. "We wanted to kind of represent that divine masculine and the divine feminine. Regardless of gender, we're supposed to be balancing these energies."

Dee explained that her friend and business partner recently moved to Denver, and will use the opportunity to expand the business. Ascension also organizes occasional workshops and retreats for those looking to learn more about spirituality and working with the elements.

You can find Ascension every week at the Fremont Sunday Market. More info can also be found on their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/ascension_intention/

Mr. Wacko's earrings and bracelets — Photo by Georgia Skerritt  

Mr. Wacko
If you're planning to go out any time soon and want something new to wear, Mr.Wacko is worth checking out. Operated by designer Trixie, the Mr. Wacko brand offers handmade clothing and accessories for nightlife adventures — or, as its Instagram account describes it: "luxury one-of-a-kind clubwear." Mr. Wacko uses textiles shipped from Los Angeles; all pieces are designed and created by Trixie.

For online purchasing and more information, go to https://www.mrwacko.me/

Herbal soaking salts from Sonder Farmstead — Photo by Georgia Skerritt  

Sonder Farmstead + Apothecary
Owned and operated by creator Em Blood, Sonder Farmstead is based in Everson, WA, outside of Bellingham, and offers a wide selection of balms, lotions, body scrubs, and soaps made from organic ingredients.

The apothecary side of Sonder Farmstead was created in 2020 and is now in its second holiday season. In conversation with the SGN on Saturday, Blood explained that she creates all of her products from a base of chamomile and calendula oil, which she makes herself. "I could never find any soap that didn't have palm oil in it, so I just kind of set out on this mission to make some myself, and it just morphed into this. It's all 100% organic and super medicinal."

Sonder Farmstead also grows organic herbs and vegetables and often operates at community events and farmers markets in Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

For more information and products, visit https://www.sonderfarmstead.com/