Lil Nas X: The kiss heard 'round the world

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Lil Nas X Kiss
Lil Nas X Kiss

If you were born in the early 90's it's possible you were between 9 and 13 years old the first time you saw two women kissing. It is also possible you were the same age the second time you saw two women kissing considering the MTV Video Music awards broadcasted Madonna kissing Britney Spears and then Christina Aguilera immediately after, on national television in 2003.

While there was some controversy, their performance was generally accepted and considered at the very least entertaining. Women have generally been allowed more fluidity with their sexuality over the years, lesbianism having become the more widely accepted form of homosexuality and the most popular display in pop culture, but those assigned male at birth have not had the same luck with acceptance.

The biggest concerns the close-minded section of our population seem to have in relation to public displays of affection by any gender pairing outside of man and woman seems to be "pushing the gay agenda" and particularly on children. People still harbor the false notion that viewing gay or lesbian affection will "make their children gay" and hypersexualize them.

However, the age it is considered appropriate to show children a man and a woman sharing a passionate kiss is indiscernible since almost every Disney princess movie from the 90's ends with true love's kiss.

This begs the question: Is it really about preventing the hypersexualization of children, or about keeping their own children from "realizing" they are gay?

That being said, times have changed. Many people are pushing back against the double standard and here to help push progress forward is Hip Hop star Lil Nas X.

Sunday June 27th at the BET Music Awards, openly gay rapper Lil Nas X wowed the world in the bold "this is me" fashion he has become known for. The Old Town Road artist known for his lap dance with the devil took to the red carpet in a spectacular gown by Andrea Grossi. He then returned to the red carpet in a 70's style flared floral suit with crystal embroidery by Richard Quinn.

His performance of his hit Montero — which has broken the record for a single by a male solo artist with its 5th week at #1 on Billboard's Global 200 chart — later that night paid homage to Michael Jackson's hit music video Remember the Time. Lil Nas X dominated the stage as a shirtless Pharaoh, in a golden snake circlet, oversized collar and skirt.

He then ended what was already an electric performance by sharing a smoldering kiss with one of his male backup dancers. The kiss was so hot it traveled 20 years back in time and beat the kiss children watched Sean Patrick Thomas and Julia Stiles win the Best Kiss Award for at the MTV Movie awards in 2001.

His performance has of course received backlash. One person on Twitter exclaiming that he should respect his ancestors and not use African culture in this way, to which he responded "Y'all really like to pretend homosexuality didn't exist in African culture." Others have praised his boldness and defended him against the double standard, stating that mainstream pop culture needs more sexually empowered queer people.

Despite the fears people have of gayness being contagious, the bottom line is, if watching a man and women kiss on national television has not made every child straight thSen the same is true for same sex kisses.

If two men kissing makes your son admit he would like to kiss boys instead of girls, then he was always gay, and I am glad someone like Lil Nas X was brave enough to show him it is perfectly ok to be exactly who are. What a perfect way to end the month dedicated to Gay Pride.