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Tim Mulligan's A Perfect 10 cheesy, homecooked fun

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Image courtesy of the author
Image courtesy of the author

� 2022
232 pages

Tim Mulligan is not a chef. In fact, last we spoke he was a playwright, having recently premiered his entertaining horror-comedy Witchland successfully in San Diego. First and foremost, though, Tim Mulligan is a dad. What makes A Perfect 10 different from other cookbooks isn't only that these recipes have already been tried and tested by Mulligan's two kids and partner, Sean, it's that he approaches the recipes with a sense of self awareness and cornball dad humor in a refreshing and unpretentious manner. Having grown up in the kitchen myself, as a lot of eldest children do, I found myself appreciating both the simplicity of the recipes and the way they were presented. Mulligan's saying here, "Hey, if I can do this, so can you."

In a world of celebrity chefs and tv cookbook cash-ins, why not take home a book that's practical for the rest of us?

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Recipes for every occasion?
Mulligan provides us with ten recipes for every type of meal ranging from breakfast (Hammed Up Eggs in Purgatory) to Dessert (Gramma's Gumdrop Bread) and even holiday standards (Tim's Tried and True Stuffing). Some of the recipes have goofy names, like the Amazeballs Chocolate Chip Cookies or Emiel's Cheeseburger Lasagn-YAY, but that's part of the fun. If you've ever cooked with family, especially kids, you know that half of the experience is keeping them entertained.

The best thing about the book is the range of inspirations, from down-home family recipes to Indian-inspired favorites and more. You've got mouths to feed, and with Mulligan's help you can make sure they won't get bored.?

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Get you a man who can do both
As mentioned previously, my first encounter with Tim Mulligan was to interview him about his play Witchland on the Radio SGN podcast (Episode 17, for curious minds). In the interview, he stressed the importance his family played as inspiration for the characters in Witchland, and A Perfect 10 shows just how important family is to his day-to-day. Mulligan's voice shines through in both the play and the cookbook, and at the heart of both are reflections of family life that are as unique as they are relatable. If you're looking for good food and good fun, A Perfect 10 is for you.